Cort EVL K4 with ESP Pickups and Licenced Floyd Rose Bridge for sale ( Demo Video )

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    My previous post was removed and I wonder why ,
    @ Mods , I am not spamming....Its just that I am unable to edit my old post hence posting a new one.....

    Demo Video :

    I am selling my 1 year Cort EVL K4 With ESP LH100 Humbucker Pickups and Licensed Floyd Rose Double Locking III Tremolo System ,
    As you can see in the pics there has been no damage or any such sort of wear n tear stuff , I have taken very good care of it and I have spent ages setting it up , It can play and feel like a true professional guitar.....None of the new guitars in this price range can sound and feel half as good as this guitar....
    If you are looking for a guitar in this price range , feel free to come and try it once and decide weather or not to buy it...

    Price : 14900 /- Negotiable
    Can ship it to any place in India

    Contact me for more details

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    Guitar Sold

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