cordz needed for Pukaar(call)

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    REQ:cordz needed for Pukaar(call)

    he y can some one write me the cordz for Pukaar and plus if u have figured out the semi acquistic part please write them to me. I tried to figur it out from the video the first part is like Am then it becomes tooo dark.

    Help please


    Acoustic part is just a drop cord ..
    work it on .. gdrop(32xx33) .. i havet figured wohle . .here are the cords ..

    Starting Riff # .. :
    D../ A ..Bm .. use the Higer ocatve and change the Cords D to A quickly ..

    then ..
    Bm , A

    then ..

    Bm , A , G ...

    sorry i cant write the lyrics .hope ull figure it out .
  3. KonFUzeD

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    Hey Thankz Mann
  4. nadish

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    Wat abt the Solo of that song(Pukar)??????????? Plz send the Solo of this song too. Thanx in advance

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