Cords PaPa KehTe Hain

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  1. atifksa

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    C Am
    papa kehte hain bara naam kare ga
    C Am
    Beta hamara aisa kaam kare ga
    C Am
    magar yeh to koi na jane
    F G
    k meri manzil hai kahan?

    C Am
    mera to sapna hai ik chehra
    F G C
    dekhe jo us ko jhoomay bahar
    C Am
    Gaalon mein khilti kaliyon ka mausam
    F G C
    ankhon mein jadoo honton mein pyaar
    C Am
    banda yeh khobsorat kam kare ga
    C Am
    dil ki duniya mein apna naam kare ga
    C Am
    meri nazar se dekho to yaroo
    F G
    k meri manzil hai kahan

    next stanza is same

  2. nice try but already posted on IGT...and this one is wrong chords pattern i think its C, Am, Fmaj and Gmaj...
  3. rakshit wadhwa

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    there is G instead of am
  4. rakshit wadhwa

    rakshit wadhwa New Member

    poor job ................................
  5. aryanteen

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    i think its c am then f and g that the way the song has been placed and more over its a relation
  6. skywriter

    skywriter cHiLdReN oF bODOm

    can b wrong...but keep up!

  7. try it..u will find G wrong...
  8. sDEVs

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  9. bsharp

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    Correct chords:
    C Am F G :aggre:

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