Copyrights and cover track versions.

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  1. vishonly

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    Hi guys ,
    Do i need to permission before recording a cover track , Also how does it apply when you play the song live.
    Does all the artist take permission before plying a song live or recording again with their version.

    I want to record a hindi cover track , mix with new music , and put it for free download, what's the risk involved.
  2. bjr

    bjr Lady of the Evening

    None whatsoever. Usually, you're supposed to pay royalty if you're using it for commercial purposes but even that does not hold in court very often as a lot of music composers have found out to their advantage.
  3. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    But you cant publish the tabs, if you have done yourslf :p

    Ofcourse this is applicable only in US
  4. vishonly

    vishonly New Member


    Thnks guys, I think I am more confident now to go with the approach.But still any more input on this copyright issue is always welcome.If we have any thread or guide on this, then plz direct.
  5. srakshit

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    You can cover it live as long as you acknowledge to original copyright owner.

    You can't record it, put it on a CD and sell it for profit without explicit permission unless it's older than a certain time - 25 years I think. This may or may not involve royalty.

    Basically, you can't make any money out of it or allow anyone to make any money out of it.

    The rules apply all over the world, not just US - that country is where it is enforced strongly.

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