convicted by disconnection

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  1. benchwarmer

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    Here goes the another one i have written very recently...somehow i felt i had to write it, i know this is not a good way to assemble the words, but i had a few things to convey and i said it...

    i must say
    u ought to...
    but have you questioned urself
    didn't i have to...!!!
    u said "light the mind with your grace..."
    and i was also enlightened with your embrace
    so all I had to do is save the warmth
    then just show it to the world…

    u always told me “…look at your close
    and urself to get a harmony in both…”
    but wat I did u know…
    I kept staring at myself and my close
    Like I have never had a grab on those

    u are the one who got me going…
    see and swallow stuffs at the same point of time…
    I guess u wanted me to learn how it goes
    But I was f**king busy pretending things
    Loved the insanity of floating against streams

    if I think of sumthing as my elixir of life
    I wud really like to see sum stuffs I left behind
    It was me who arpeggioed my existence
    It was me who outlined a f**king distance
    I really don't blame u for letting me down
    I don't have a say for putting me down
    Coz I am the person
    Who is convicted by disconnection

    plz do comment on it...
  2. walk_alone

    walk_alone **~~| An Atheist |~~**

    I really had to read it few times to get the message ...

    it clearly shows the charecter's "neglecting" and "careless" attitude and then "realisation" that follows.
  3. benchwarmer

    benchwarmer New Member

    its all because of disconnection... :) ...btw thanks for reading it...
    sorry to say but ur comment looked sorta abstract to me...

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