Concert Review - I-Rock XX Mumbai - Day One - 1/10/2005

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    October 1st, 2005. The day had arrived. I-Rock XX. After several events and a cancellation of the show, I was only too happy that the Woodstock of India was taking place. Maybe the venue may not live up to the Gateway of India, but the music would be the same, and with more open space, probably the pit would be bigger!

    The day lagged on, my mood swings were like a roller coaster. Kartik (known here as rocking_devil) called me up and we decided to meet at the gig. He said he would be easily identifiable, being tall. ****, was I to realize later that yes, that would be the case. I got in two more people to attend with me. We left our homes at around 4, and took a train to Andheri. Got into an auto, and we were at the Chitrakoot Grounds by 5:30.

    Black t-shirts everywhere, with the logos of Iron Maiden, Metallica, Cradle of Filth, Slipknot easily being the choice of the crowd. Pretty fewer turnouts till now. I met up with some old friends, we chatted till 5:55, when Farhad Wadia came up and announced that we could enter. The lines moved in and we went in.

    Pretty big venue. Bhayanak Maut was on the stage. Yeah, this was a surprise to most of us, as they were not part of the original lineup. But to me, this was a good thing. Spotted the Demonstealer, Saahil taking his rounds, ensuring everything to be ok. Also spotted a dazed Schumann (Vayu’s Bassist) near the sound-desk. Why is it that he looks so into his own world before any show??? I went straight up to the barricades. Furtado’s and Counter Culture stalls at the back of the grounds. I met up with Pradeep & P-Man (PDV) as well as Rajeev (Zero). After getting my hands on a bandana, I again headed towards the stage.

    Bhayanak Maut started their sound check. The bassist looked damn young compared to the rest of the band. Vinay was looking pretty up. After a word from Mr. Wadia about the sponsors, BM was introduced as replacement for Prestorika. (****, no Megadeth!) They kicked off things with their famous original, “Invitation To Bleed”. I was surprised, as only two of us in the whole crowd knew the lyrics to this one. The other guy was the band’s friend, handling their camera too. Love this song, got me fully warmed up for the pit. A real good opener. They then followed up with covers of “Black Label” (Lamb of God), “Elicit Se Nois Rot”, “11th Hour” (Lamb of God) and “People=****” (Slipknot). The pit was well formed, with people who actually knew the lyrics to the songs. Nice. I-Rock t-shirts were being thrown out into the crowd. I managed to get my hands on one, and so did another guy, on the same shirt. After a long fight, the other guy won. F’kin sad. Nice set. BM was totally well received by the crowd, and was damn good, as I had expected.

    Vertigo came up on to the stage next. I’ve never heard of ‘em before, so they were new to me. The crowd had started to fill in. Posers galore, with “MC/BC” gaalis in the air. Vertigo had a keyboard-ist, whose sound check was “Fear of the Dark”. That got me a bit excited but they started off with an awful cover of “Du Hast” (Rammstein). The then covered Metallica’s “Sad But True” with really, umm, improvised leads, which were totally not well received. They also covered “I-E-A-I-I-O” (SOAD). They had one original, “Believe”. The lyrics were plain stupid, and in the middle, the singer started off with a Hindu mantra. It did go with the song, but somehow, didn’t click for most of the crowd. I felt that the song was a cross between “Sad But True” and “Du Hast”, with similar riffs and keyboards. The crowd booed them off the stage.

    The next band up was Hyderabad’s Sledge. I was eagerly looking forward to their set, as I’d heard their album, “The Desert of Souls” and knew that they would indeed, kick ass. Farhad Wadia introduced them as “Scribe” first and then made another goof-up as he said that they were from Bombay. Their sound checks done, they started off I with a song, which I didn’t get. Moshing paradise though. They covered “Cowboys From Hell” (Pantera) and then they played “Liar”, an original. Nice. I liked it. Powerful vocals. Nice leads. My neck muscles had already started to revolt. They then ended off with Slayer’s “Skeleton’s of Society” which was a well-done cover. I liked Sledge. They were a tight band, and yeah, for an outstation band, they did earn the respect of us Mumbaikars.

    Joint Family was up next. I’d heard a lot about this band. Their gigs have got great reviews and everyone who’ve seen them live said that they were damn good. I was wondering why the vocalist was wearing a schoolboy uniform, when he said, “We’ll start off from where Bhayanak Maut left off” and the band started off with “People=****” (Slipknot). By the way, after Sledge, I got myself a good position on the barricades just in the center of the stage, and was there till Zero’s gig. What surprised me about Joint Family is the bassist. He’s got a damn peculiar style, with his hands on the fretboard from top. They also covered “Dig” (Mudvayne) and “Blind” (KoRN). Good to hear 3 originals from them, though none of them were to my taste. I’ve never really liked nu-metal. These were “Life’s A Bitch”, “Drummer’s Advice” and a softer song, “Change”. Hmm… pretty ohk stuff, nothing to good.

    As Siddharth Coutto walked on to the stage, two people started off, “Smoke Some Ganja” chants. Yeah, Helga’s Fun Castle were here. Probably the most popular of the 5 bands in the quest to win I-Rock XX, they were eagerly being looked forward too. I saw Rajeev and Saahil come down to watch them, and so did 2Blue (Vayu’s vox). I had a chat with Sledge’s sound-setup guy (the surd with the Pantera t-shirt). He said that he didn’t like HFC all that much, and well, I said I didn’t like Sledge all that much. Thankfully, he didn’t get the counter-remark. HFC’s bassist was having some problems and they took the most time for the sound check, but then, finally, started off with “Suck My Kiss” (RHCP). A nice cover brought me back into the softer realms of Rock. “The Marching Song”, an original, followed this. A really great live-song. Sidd spotted me, as I was probably the only one who knew the lyrics, and gave me the thumbs-up. He then started off “Smoke Some Ganja” by introducing it as “a song dedicated to the most lied temple” and the crowd went wild. Reggae-rock, as I call it. Damn great song, maybe the next best crowd favorite after PSP. They then did Mr. Fancypants, another original. HFC ended of with RATM’s “Bulls on Parade”. Here, Sidd came down into the crowd, and came right up to me to sing the chorus lines… Nice show… But I still felt that Sledge or BM would take home the crown today.

    As Vayu started setting up their act, Farhad Wadia came out and talked about the gig, why this might be the last I-Rock ever (oh-no!) and then talked about the winning act. He asked the crowd for their opinions and most of us said “HFC” or “BM”. However, he said that the winners were not from Mumbai. “Sledge” came into my mind; I knew that they had won. But, surprise, surprise, the judges selected Pune based Vertigo! We were stunned at the decision, and immediate “MC/BC” shouts rang in the air. Nice comment from Farhad though, “I don’t **** my sister nor my mother” as Vayu took centrestage.
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    Part Two

    I was really looking forward to Vayu. I knew that they would indeed rock today, and I really hoped that the crowd and especially the posers would not be rude. They started off with “Alive” (Pearl Jam) as 2Blue came in with the Indian flag, and yeah, I really do hope I-Rock stays alive. Ravi Iyer’s leads were awesome, as usual. The then did Jimi Hendrix’s “Purple Haze”, and were again, spot on. 2Blue is truly an amazing frontman, and Ravi deserves more recognition. They then dedicated a song to Schumann, and introduced the “Immigrant Song”. 2Blue’s screams could’ve easily been as good as Robert Plant’s. The song seemed a bit faster, and the bass a little too loud, but still, what the heck? Vayu then did an original, “Wings of a Dream”. A nice classic rock sound, a good original, though 2Blue really needs to memorize the lyrics; he was reading them off but still it looked as if he knew them. That’s the secret of a good frontman. Vayu ended their set with a cover of Deep Purple’s “Burn” which left the crowd wanting more. Owing to time constraints, they couldn’t do an encore, but they sure did win over a lot of fans tonight. The deserved more time though.

    That only left Zero. I really miss Warren. No doubt Sanjay Joseph is a good guitarist, but he doesn’t have the showmanship that Hagrid had. With Zero tonight were Zubin Balaporia (Indus Creed/Rock Machine) on keyboards and Pt. Ravindra Chari on sitar. I was looking forward to the sitar parts, as I’d heard the “Christmas in July” version of it before. The crowd however, were seemingly unenthusiastic bout it. Zero started off with “Mariachi”, a Spanish-based rock song. Love the chorus here. The sitar sounded damn good. Surprised that Sanjay was not using his Strat today. He was more or less the rhythm guitarist. They then dedicated the next track to Warren and “Christmas In July” started off. Sitars were damn good here and so was the keyboard solo. Pt. Chari then came up on and in rock-star like fashion, played mind-blowing solos, eclipsing Joseph out from the spotlight. Though Sanjay did play a solo, the sitar tunes were too good. They’re still haunting my mind. After this, Pt. Chari left, and Zero played “Take Me Away”, a truly good original. They then did “Lucy”, but without flanger. “Who Are You” was not well appreciated by the crowd, as they’ve done this one much better before, followed this. Rajeev then started off about the true pioneers of Indian Rock (someone shouted Pentagram from the back) and talked about Indus Creed and Rock Machine. And then, the famous keyboard riff played. Those around me, and me myself, went into overdrive as Zero did a lovely cover of “Top Of The Rock” with Zubin on keys. Memorable. I then went out from the barricades to pre-order the Demonic Resurrection album, had a glass of cola, met up with Saahil and then I heard the opening leads of PSP 12’. Dumping my glass, I rushed back in to the pit for what seems to be the moshing song of Mumbai. The slap-bass was good as usual and PSP 12’ seemed the best song to end Day one of I-Rock.

    After the show, I went back to the Counter Culture stall to get my DR poster. I met up with 2Blue, talked to Rajeev and Bobby, caught up with Kartik and had an interview taken by CNBC Tv-18. So if you see me there, I’m the dark guy with long hair, specs and the Iron Maiden tee. Waited for my friends to find me at the gate. I saw Chari leaving, and shouted “Sitar Rocks” to which I got a thumbs-up from him. Final meet up with 2Blue as he rode away on his bike. Saw the P-Man leave and then, I left too.

    A really good show. Too bad I can’t make it to day two. I really do wanna go. Let’s hope that I-Rock XXI does indeed happen.
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    cool report dude..and thanx for the splendid description for those guys like me who couldnt attend the irock .
  4. lord_neo

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    You could have taken advantage of rocking_devils height to get one of those t-shirts! Very comprehensive review, reps for you.
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    that was awesome, felt like i was present there
  6. rocking_devil

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    wow.......coooool review man!......hey wasnt da second band joint family??
    anywyz,, the 2nd day was my day after sceptre.......everything was full to full classic rock!
    they had all legends of indian rock on stage and put a ghr8 show n covered mainly led zep , doobie bros, doors, the who n so on......that reallly made my day!...after sucha loong time i cud xperience true classic rock stuff!:rockon:
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    nice review asmo.. made good reading for us unlucky souls who could not be there... *damn exams*
  8. Asmodeus

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    Nah.. 2nd band was Vertigo.. I clearly remember that... F'kin losers...
  9. death_metal_fan

    death_metal_fan oh goody, it's a woody!

    Nice one bud. Too bad I didn't get to meet you.
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    Ahh, Nice review. Damn...Sledge didnt win. They are awesome live. Reps to you mate.
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    awesome reoprt bro...i can actually picture the whole thing in my head...thx!
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    what about day2?
  13. Asmodeus

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    I wasn't there on day 2... sorry... but I heard it rocked... wanted to see you and when I heard of the show, I wanted to hear the girl singer... (my friend told me she's damn hot), Farhad's GnR stuff and Gary Lawyer (underrated guy man...)
  14. rocking_devil

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    dude.....the gaL SINGER was sizzling hot hotter than any dish in the world!....was pure s.ex magic women!......she took me on when she sang :: led zep - whole lotta love.....exactly as robert plant!
  15. Asmodeus

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    OFF-TOPIC:: You dare femalize PLANT???
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    ^^ lol...dude.....yeah i bet i gotto....her voice makes me!:p:
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    hey the bassist in bhayanak maut looks young becos he is just 18 yrs.. i think plays well wat say?
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    hey can u tell me how to make a thread.. and by the way i find that bassist very sweet
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    hey do reply

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