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  1. adrian9360

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    am shocked to see the list of best guitarists in India. A few deserving candidates like Christy Samuel are there, no doubt. But where is Sumit Ramachandran, & Amit Heri? None of the guys mentioned in the list can match up with Sumit/ Amit Heri. This is crazy.
  2. augur

    augur I love bjr

    Completely freaking crazy. How dare they even compile a list of the best Indian guitarists without consulting everyone here at the IGT.

    I'm calling the Shiv Sena/MNS. You get the black grease.
  3. bjr

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    I'm a total Sumith Ramachandran fan <3 I even made a thread about him here.

    <3 to augur for making me giggle at work. The grease thing got a guffaw out of me.
  4. sukrut

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    :RollLol: .
  5. satisanty

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    help regarding chord finding

    could u help me please
    I'm confused very much
    suppose one song in scale "C" means that song will have following chord pattern
    C-M D-m E-m F-M G-M A-m B-dim C


    (B.) chords based on Triads but with out getting Triad fully satisfied how chord can be decided
    I found notes and chord combinition as follows for"ODE TO JOY" in particular book.

    notes chords
    E F G C
    D E F G G
    C D E C
    D E G
    D E F G F
    C D G
    C C

    without getting correct triads how can be chords finalize,even with getting single or double note of that triad. if we can do like that then for same notes we can choose other chords also.
    (B.) what is circle of fifth and how to use please explain
    please help me I'm so confused. it's obivious i don't have good knowledge so please help me to improve

    a struggler to learn
  6. rahulp

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    Apparently, yes.
  7. adrian9360

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    Run for cover mate! The grease is all for you ;-)

  8. augur

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    I would be scared if your name was Narayan/Manoj/Amol or some such.
  9. bjr

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    A) An E major chord in a C scale (forgive me, purists) is usually an A harmonic minor scale. Look it up.

    B.) This is hard to explain. A lot of times you can't just look at the note being played on a single instrument or the main melody....rather you try and get a feel of the harmonies/accompaniment to figure out the chord.

    B.) The circle of fifths can be used to remember the number of sharps/flats in a key. It helps you decide what scale you want to play over chord changes when there is a shift in key center. Usually if you're changing scales you want to stay as close as possible to the original key in relation to the circle.

    eg- If you're playing a G and then an A7 and you switch to C, you'd want to switch from a D major scale to a G major scale on your solo. Well, that's not really true since you'd usually be wanting to switch to C lydian but that's the easiest way to look at it and it's correct in the broader sense.

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