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  1. mayur_7393

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    Hello friends,

    Visit my blog

    Learn Guitar

    This will help you to go ahead in your guitar learning journey whether you be at a beginner stage or intermediate or expert...

    I am sure it will help you...

    You can comment your questions tooo.....

    I will answer it as soon as possible
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    Seems like you havent posted the link!!
  3. hemant_spidey3

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    hey can you please share the link of your blog :)
  4. mayur_7393

    mayur_7393 New Member

    Learn Guitar

    Blog address is ""

    This is the blog.....
    You can choose which ever lessons you want beginner,inter or expert

    & start with the oldest post & then go to latest post.....
    I hope this will be beneficial for you all.....

    If you want to join me in my band..
    you can contact me on 9870850745
    or mail me ""
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