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    <2k? Not to be a jerk but I don't think even shit Givsons are that cheap. Get to Daryaganj or something and buy whatever is available at the price...
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    Fixed ;)

    He might be meaning an acoustic though. Anyway, the guide is just a bunch of posts above him, he should just read through that.
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    You can't even buy a Givson acoustic for 2k, I think... I once went to a lousy music shop (wanted to buy some picks) and even the completely unbranded, guarantee-less, shit acoustic guitars on his wall cost 1.8k. From what I know, the cheapest, shittiest Givson acoustic costs like 2.3-2.4k. If you go to Daryaganj you might find something cheaper\second handed though. Asking recommendations online for <2k guitars is pretty pointless. Take what you get.
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    Here's the updated Guide! And here's the link to pass it around -

    Part 1 (link goes to older edition of Part 1)
    That's a nice guide on buying. I remember reading it earlier. It's served me well before ;)

    Now here's what I consider essential for newbies. This is the...
    Guitar and related gear selecting guides.

    I post it here because a. I'm sick of writing this same damn stuff for everyone and b. I hope people read this thread and come across this post too, and stop asking moronic questions and having moronic expectations (like, 'wut elctric gitar 4 10k?')

    Electric guitar choosing guide <- MUST READ
    Acoustic guitar choosing guide
    Amps pickups and FX guide (WIP but bet it'll be awesome too.)

    The previous links were to show what you should look for in what you're looking to buy. The list up next is of tried and tested stuff - we've recommended this stuff to like whole generations of newbies. Besides, in the previous links, some gear mentioned ain't available here, and we have some options they haven't written about (Greg Bennetts, for instance), and some things are just out of production. So this following list gives you the choices (they're all good) you'll have here.
    So, while I'm at it.
    Good cheap electric guitars
    Yamaha Pacifica 012/112, Fender Squier Telecasters, Greg Bennett Avion AV series, Greg Bennett Torino TR series, Schecter Omens* and Damiens*, Ibanez RG* (RG321EX, RG7321, RG321MH) and S* (S470, S420) series.
    Fender Squier Stratocasters, Givsons, Grasons, *avoid double locking tremolos (Floyd Rose) at a price less than 35k (the cheapest working FR guitars are Ibanez S470 and S420), low end (below ~40k) ESPs (be sure of what woods they use, don't get it if any part of it uses agathis ;)). Java guitars, HMI, Ibanez GRGs. Anything that has a double locking tremolo at this price, actually (the Yamaha Pacificas are not double locking, btw.).

    Good cheap amps
    Solid state - Laney LXs.
    Modeling amps - Roland Cube series, Peavey Vypyr series.
    Hybrid - Vox Valvetronix series.
    Tube amps - (These are better than solid state, hybrid, and modeling amps. You should research and understand how they work. See Part 2 for more info.)
    Laney Cub series, Vox AC4 series, BE3 amplifiers (, pro quality, pro features, unbeatable value for money...there's nothing better for the price.)
    Strangers, Beta Alvin, Marshall MGs, Line 6 Spider amps.

    Good cheap acoustic guitars
    Long/original version -
    In short -
    Classical guitars - Yamaha C40 and C70 are recommended. C70 is better (tuners, woods) but as with all guitars, try 4-5 pieces of the same models in the shop to pick out one which one sounds better. First timers - get an experienced teacher along.
    Steel string acoustics - Yamaha F310, Takamine G220, Fender CD-60, Ibanez V72E, Ibanez V70, Ovation AE127, Ovation AE128.

    RESEARCH before you buy. Read Harmony Central reviews, Ultimate Guitar reviews, The Gear Page forums, gearslutz forums, extensively. And again, don't trust all reviews. Some people are newbies when they write them. The ear evolves over time and practice, what sounds good today wont after a week, or a month, or a year, or some years by the time you learn to pick the sounds' details apart. Has applied and will apply to every musician ever.

    And NEVER trust shopkeepers! ;)

    All right, now that's it, I'm NEVER WRITING ALL THAT AGAIN. Whew, I feel like a man freed.

    ultrabot90 requesting your leave. *bows*

    Part 2 (link goes to older edition of Part 2)
    Whoops, forgot my hat.

    Actually, I forgot to add...
    A Note On pickups
    You're not likely to get a guitar with good pickups at the...under the 50k range. lol :p
    In fact, once you know what kind of sound you like, it is said that you should always switch out the stock pickups on almost any guitar you buy (unless it's Cepheus pickups of Agile guitars/Custom Oni pickups of Oni Guitars, lol) with pickups that you know you like the sound of. Wood of the guitar also comes into play while selecting pickups (for example, it's not recommended to use a fat sounding pickup with a mahogany body, because both are warm sounding and the sound will become muddy and unclear)...but selecting pickups comes into the picture *after* you get a good (tube) amp.

    On Processors Vs Pedals Vs Amps
    You can base your setup around either or any combination of these three. There are no rules, I'll just put down what's said to be what.
    Long version (with valuable inputs from our neighborhood gearmeister, flood)
    Short version
    Amp-based setup is simpler but only as versatile as the amp you buy.
    Tube amps are better sounding but heavier and the versatility of a tube amp depends on the model and features. More versatile ones are usually more expensive, much more than what most newbies are willing to spend - but there are some good ones around that do a few things very well and are good for starting off (see the recommendation list in Part 1);
    Modelers (I'm talking about modeling amps but processors and modeling softwares like Amplitube, Guitar Rig, Revalver etc come under this too) are a close second to tubes quality-wise;
    Solid state I won't comment here, if you like them when you try them, use them.
    Processors try to copy a wide range of amps and pedals (so they're pretty versatile), they sound similar but not exactly the same (one needs experienced ears to know the difference, so if you're just starting out it probably doesn't matter, your ears will know eventually.).
    Pedals distortion and overdrive (OD) pedals help you shape the sound of the amp, they're said to be NOT good on their own. And generally, individual pedals (both effects and distortion/OD) are said to sound better than processors.

    There are also rackmount setups, but I don't think newbies wanna know about that, right? No shop will be even expecting the average Indian to buy rackmount stuff (and hence you don't see anything of the sort in stores) :beer:

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    ultrabot - I am going to buy one for myself this weekend and have taken the print of your advice.. :)
    Thanks a lot buddy..
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    thanks a lot.

    really informative read.


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    I am a novice guitarist....i have played acoustic only till now but now i wanna play electric...can you please tell me what kind of guitar i shoud buy.....a guitar i can perform with on stage also
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    Nirvana Guitars

    hey i have seen your post and am glad you have taken the time to share this knowledge among ppl. a am a experienced luthier from mumbai and a highly experienced guitar manufacturer i advise all members to go through the data provided as it is very heplful.if any of you have any specific querry regarding guitars or having a problem with you could also ask me and i could provide you with an elaaborate discription about
  9. NirvanaGuitars

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    hey can you tell me what price range you are looking for i own a custon guitar company and manufacture guitars according to needs of a guitarist. if you can tell me what styles of music interest you i can give u a specific guitar that would suit all your needs or atleast suggest the things you should keep in mind while buying a guitar
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    Thank you for the useful article!
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    wow.. great job my friend
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    i have been playing m friend's guitar for few months now.... i have some basic idea on chords.... now i m planning to buy electro acoustic guitar ...price range is rs 5000...plz suggest a good guitar.......thanx
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    can anyone tell me where to buy a good guitar in mumbai???? I am a begineer, price range is 3-4k.....
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    Hey I am planning to purchase a guitar. Budget is about 3000 rupees (can stretch by a max of 500). I was checking online on and saw some acoustic guitars which fell into different categories like kids, junior, medium, etc. Can someone please explain the difference between these and what brand of guitar should I go for at my budget? Thanks
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    hello guys

    i am a newbie for this guitar world.. i am planning to buy a guitar this week.. i am living in bangalore. i am going to buy an acoustic guitar. i need help..... whether can i buy the acoustic electric ?? ? and can i able to connect the acoustic electric guitar to the head phones so that i will not annoy my neighbors (living in an apartment), roommates or family members when i am in home.. guys please help me in this issue.. and i did some googling for this issue.. i got some solution like VOX amp plug..... ?? ? no idea on that... please help me guys.. thanks in advance :)
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    One of the best guitar buying guides I have read online :) thanks..

    As you have mentioned that you had copied it from elsewhere, it would be of great help if you could state the website it was copied from... :)
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    I am planning to buy a new guitar?
    At present i own an acoustic hobmer archtop guitar like the one in here ( 14809 Hobmer archtop guitar (used, age unknown) - Vintage Fret Shop ). But i have heard that such guitars are preferred for jazz style of music. I am confused between fender sa-100, takamine s35, yamaha f310, and granada prs-1. I am even thinking of buying an acoustic-electric. Please clear my confusion. My budget is 5000-6000 indian rupees
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    nice article for helping to buy a new guitar carefully.
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    Hi all,

    I am a beginner & was searching for points before buying my first guitar when i came across this forum/thread. Some of the doubts that I have are as follows:-

    1. Should I go for medium or jumbo/dreadnought size considering I am 26yrs old & approx 6ft in height(though I am not sure whether height matters)?
    2. How are Jimm & Granada Acoustic Guitars? The shop I visited(Singh Music - Vashi) mentions Jimm K1C @ 5500 & Furtado Powai has Granada PRS 18 @ 7500 something (PRS1 @ 4800, though it is 39")?
    3. Anyother inputs/suggestions that you would like to give.

    Would appreciate a prompt reply as now its becoming more of research & less of buying!!! Also though I have started training @ coach's guitar, but not having my own is hampering practice time.

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    great article bud...!! i'm a newbie.... thinking of buying GIVSON gs 1000.... hw is it...?? in terms of soud quality... i just want to play in college fests.... nothing more....

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