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    I m new member here, and quite new to the the guitar. Almost quite 7 years before, I learnt playing the guitar. When I came to this site and matched my notes, I found differences. I researched on my notes, i found those were of CMN system. It is called Chitra's Musical notations. I touched guitar almost 7 years after. I did a lil bit of practice with old notes. Can anyone throw some light how can I convert the CMN to standard?. Is there any rule to it? . I think a major folks must have been trained on this system. Lot of music teacher teaches this. It is very difficult to find the tabs for that system. If I go everything new according to tutorials on this site. It will be re-inventing the wheel. I think learning it from that teacher, destroyed the chances of going ahead. Their beats are different and they name it differently. Please advise.

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    What do you mean CMN system? Thats the first time I'm hearing of that. Do you mean staff notations?
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    Hmm... I did a google search on CMN. They have an innovative method but it wont take you much far as a musician. By making it simple for beginners to be able to play simple tunes they make it so much more difficult for them to advance further. If you want to be an ear musician, then its ok. But if you want to use tabs available on the internet, you'll have no choice but to adapt and learn to read the tabs.

    Of course you can convert from CMN to tablature but you'll have to understand how to read and write both before you manage to convert successfully.
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    Thanks esgallindeion.

    I used to think a whole generation of musician must have been created by those teachers by now. I was wrong, but when ever I see some folks playing the guitar at some functions like common in north india, I suspect they have been trained in CMN thats why they did not go far because their roots are faulty.

    I am on the course of correcting my self. Thanks again.

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    hehe hehe i was browsing their site.. they call the harmonica mouthorgan.. heard that term mouthorgan after a long long time .. hehe
    u know mouthorgan players can get married legally in Boston :)

    coming to cmn.. their system seems to be geared for playing melody.. and only melody..
    maybe all thier players became hawaiin guitarists playing bollywood songs whenever AIR goes to 'rukhavat ke liye khed hai' :)
    i like the carnatic informal s1r2g2m1 system better for transcribing indian melodies..
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    I googled and couldnt find any relevant links. Can anyone explain the CMN system here?
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