city of damned

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    at the center of the earth
    in the parking lot
    of the 7-11 where i was taught
    the motto says just a lie
    it says home is where your heart is
    but what a shame
    cus every one's heart doesnt beat the same
    were beating out of time
    city of the dead
    at the end of another lost highway
    signs misleading to nowhere
    city of the damned
    lost children with dirty faces today
    no one really seems to care
    i read the grafitti
    in the bathroom stall
    like the holy scriptures
    in a shopping mall
    and it so seemed to confess
    it didnt say much
    but it only confirmed that
    thr center of the earth is the end of the world
    and i could really care less:beer:

    *+*neel pori*+*:dj:

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