Chords: Vaanuyarndha Solaiyilae - Idhaya Kovil (1985)

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  1. roentgen

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    (Cm)Vaanuyarndha (Bb)soalai(Ab)yilae
    (Gm)Nee nadandha (Bb)paadhai(Gm)yellaam
    (Bb)Naanirundhu vaadugin(Bdim7)raen
    Naa(Fm)varandu (Gm)paadu(Cm)ginraen

    (Cm)Vaazh(Fm)vaana (Cm)vaazhvenakku
    (Cm)Vandhadhenru naani(G)rundhaen
    (Ab)Paazhaana naalidhenru
    (Fm7)Paarththavargal koora(Cm)villai
    (Cm)Siriththu (Ab7)vilai(F)yaadi(Ab7)yadhum
    (Fm7)Veenaagap poagu(G)menru
    (Cm)Yaa(Adim)raenum (Ab)ninaikka(Cm)villai

    Rajesh :music:
  2. SATHYA167

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    Superb sad song......... Difficult to sing the way SPB has handled the song........ Thanks..... Sathya

    PS: This song lyrics are quite touchy and very appealing to even an illiterate. I do not remember who wrote this song.
  3. vs.suresh

    vs.suresh New Member

    Superb song... SPB's way of singing is awesome... Thanks for posting Rajesh...

    Keep posting...
  4. Guitarsen

    Guitarsen New Member

    Still remember the school days and pre-release hype about this movie, bcos of the songs. Turned out as box office disaster and worst Maniratnam movie. Nice chords.
  5. pearlmaharajan

    pearlmaharajan New Member

    thanks for sharing an interesting info. I thought Mani has not given a flop with IR... so far..

    but great music album from IR... hope musically a great hit...


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