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    Composed by Ilaiyaraaja.
    Sung by SPB and S. P. Sailaja
    Raagam: Mohanam
    D, 3/4

    (D)Vaan (Bm)polae (D)vannam kondu
    (A4)Vandhaai gopaala(Bm)ne
    Poo (A4)mutham thandhava(Bm)nae
    Ahaa (D)vennila minnidum
    (Bm)Kanniyar kangalil (E4)thanmugam kandavanae
    Pala (D)vindhaigal seidhavanae

    (D)Mannai thindru (Bm)valarndhaayae
    (D)Thulli kondu thirindhaayae
    Mannai thindru (Bm)valarndhaayae
    (D)Thulli kondu thirindhaayae
    Annai indri (Bm)thirinthaayae
    (D)Pengalodu (Bm)alainthaayae
    (D)Moganangal paadi vandhu
    (Gm)Moga valai (D)virithaayae
    (/)Aaa aaaaaa aaaa
    Moganangal paadi vandhu
    Moga valai virithaayae
    (D)Selaigalai (Ebdim)thirudi
    Andru (Gm)seidha leelai pala (D)kodi
    (E4)Ponnaana kaaviyangal
    Potri (D)paadum (Bm)kaadhal (A4)manna

    இசை: இளையராஜா
    ராகம்: மோகனம்
    பாடியவர்கள்: S. P. பாலசுப்ரமணியம், S. P. சைலஜா

    (D)வான் (Bm)போலே (D)வண்ணம் கொண்டு
    (A4)வந்தாய் கோபால(Bm)னே
    பூ (A4)முத்தம் தந்தவ(Bm)னே
    அஹா (D)வெண்ணிலா மின்னிடும்
    (Bm)கன்னியர் கண்களில்
    (E4)தன்முகம் கண்டவனே
    பல (D)விந்தைகள் செய்தவனே

    (D)மண்ணைத் தின்று (Bm)வளர்ந்தாயே
    (D)துள்ளிக்கொண்டு திரிந்தாயே
    மண்ணைத் (Bm)தின்று வளர்ந்தாயே
    (D)துள்ளிக்கொண்டு (Bm)திரிந்தாயே
    (D)அன்னையின்றிப் (Bm)பிறந்தாயே
    (D)பெண்களோடு (Bm)அலைந்தாயே
    (D)மோகனங்கள் பாடி வந்து
    (Gm)மோக வலை (D)விரித்தாயே
    மோகனங்கள் பாடி வந்து
    மோக வலை விரித்தாயே
    (D)சேலைகளைத் (Edim)திருடி
    அன்று (Gm)செய்த லீலை பல (D)கோடி
    (E4)பொன்னான காவியங்கள்
    போற்றிப் (D)பாடும் (Bm)காதல் (A4)மன்னா

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    Hi Rajesh,
    Superb song selection! One of my all-time favourite songs.
    Lovely feel in A4, E4 and Edim chords.

    Loved the below lines. The transition in the Gm chord is simply mind-blowing feel in the below line!!!

    (D)Moganangal paadi vandhu
    (Gm)Moga valai (D)virithaayae

    Thank you for the fantastic chords!

    Kind regards,
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    Nice Chords Rajesh..
  4. vs.suresh

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    Hello Rajesh / Vijay / John / Ashok / Active members,

    I've noticed that you've been posting the chords with lyrics in Tamil, which is great for reaching our local audience, but I was wondering if you would be willing to also post them in English.
    As you know, English is a widely spoken language, and having your posts available in both languages could help reach a larger global audience. I believe you contents deserves to be shared with as many people as possible.
    Of course, I understand that it's ultimately up to you to decide how you want to share your work, and I respect that.
    I'd be happy to help with any translation or editing if needed.
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    I think people who listens தமிழ் songs know தமிழ்.
    Also while playing it is much easier.
    Also English lyrics are available online, people who are keen can access it.
    Suggest please stick to தமிழ்.
  6. guitarvijay

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    Hi Suresh,
    Many months ago, Legend and myself were posting chords in Tamil and English as well for few posts.
    But somehow, this process was dropped.

    I exactly know and totally understand the rationale behind this request from you.

    I am more than happy to reinstate this process and I can gladly post my chords in Thamizh as well as in English Lyrics.
    I usually transcribe using Thamizh lyrics as it is easier to insert the chords.
    It only takes extra few minutes to copy-paste the chords in English Lyrics and I can gladly do it.

    My only worry is - As my version is not precise, when our Legend tweaks it (which I totally love), it might give him more work to amend in 2 versions as he is already putting selfless effort to validate our versions (from John, Ashok, Suresh (@yesbee) and myself).
    As long as our Legend will not be overloaded, I am more than happy to post in both Thamizh and English Lyrics.

    I totally agree with Ravi. As Thamizh being my primary language, for me personally, it is a lot easier to read Thamizh lyrics compared to English lyrics from the perspective of Chord Progression as we seamlessly go with the flow!

    Kind regards,
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