Chords: Thaazham Poove Vaasam Veesu - Kai Kodukkum Kai (1984)

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  1. Guitarsen

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    Link: Thazhampoove - Kai Kodukum Kai - YouTube

    My version:

    (Fm)Thaazham(Ab)poove...(Eb)vaasam vee(Fm)su
    (Thaayin (Ab)thaaye...(Eb)konji pe(Fm)su
    (Ab)Veededhum (Fm)illa (Ab)vaasalum (Fm)illa
    (Ab)Anbukku (Fm)panjam illa(Eb)

    (Fm)Nadanthaal kaainja
    nilam (Bb)sezhikkum
    (Fm)Sirichchaa kovil
    mani (Bb)a***kum
    Kanda kannu padum
    (Fm)Pesumbo(Bb)dhu (Eb)thaayai paarth(Cm)then
    (Fm)Thozhil (Bb)thoongum (Eb)****ai aa(Cm)nen
    (Fm)Nenjaththile (Bb)oonjal
    katti (Eb)aarira(Cm)ro (Bb)paada(Fm)vo
  2. SATHYA167

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    Excellent melody. Good selection. Thanks Senthil for the post.... Keep posting.... Sathya
  3. pearlmaharajan

    pearlmaharajan New Member

    first of all good film... there are only very few movie.. in which there is scope of acting for Rajnikanth. And this is one. As usual Raja sir is great...

    great chords... were too good. thanks again.
  4. vs.suresh

    vs.suresh New Member

    Nice song Senthil... Thanks for posting the Chords.

    Keep posting..
  5. Guitarsen

    Guitarsen New Member

    Thx Sathya, Pearl and Suresh.
  6. rajeshguitar

    rajeshguitar New Member

    Beautiful melody, great chords.
  7. Guitarsen

    Guitarsen New Member

    Thx Rajesh.

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