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  1. notorious_desi

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    Hey howz it goin,
    Im new to playin the guitar...and i understand from all these posts that the only way to play the songs posted here (chords) is to listen to the song and figure out the strumming pattern. Is there any website that just has instrumentals for the most common songs so i can pay close attention to the pattern or like the strumming pattern listed out?
  2. bob-bobby

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    what i get from your post is that you are looking for tabs , why dont you check the tabs forums and i am sure you would get notes for some very popular and easy numbers ...

    check out the tabs forum and i am sure you would change your mind !!
  3. knishchal

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  4. asif_rox

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    Dude check out Strumming section on give u a lil bit of idea on Strumming

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