Chords: Sollathaan Ninaikiraen - Sollathaan Ninaikiraen (1973)

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    Nice song composed and sung by MSV (with SJ).

    Sollathan ninaikiren song - Movie - Sollathan Ninaikiren - YouTube

    Sollathaan ninaiki(Fm)ren
    Ulla(Eb)thal thudi.kki(Ab)ren
    (Db)Vayirun(Fm)dhum (Eb)solvatharku
    Vaarthaiyinri (Ab)thavikkiren
    (Fm)Aaahh... (C)haa
    Solla(Db)thaan ninaiki(Fm)ren
    Ulla(Eb)thal thudi.kki(Ab)ren

    (Fm)Kaatril midhakkum (Ab)puhai pola
    Avan kanavil (Bb)midhakkum (Fm)ninaivugale
    (Fm)Mana veedu avan (Eb)thani veedu
    Adhil pugundhaa(Db)no engum neraindhaa(Fm)no
    Adhil (Fm)pugundhaane engum niraindhaane

    Rajesh :music:
  2. Guitarsen

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    Thx Rajesh, it's in my "to do" list, I guess I don't need to do now.

    This is one among my 50 or 60 favs of MSV. Rare duet by MSV-SJ.

    One more suggestion, mentioning the year may lead newbies to shun away from opening the thread.
  3. rajeshguitar

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    Very nice chords, absolutely enjoyed it!
  4. SATHYA167

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    The chords are amazing. This song is a fantastic one in those days.....

    Those days, the songs were part of the storyline..... The director would convey the message or the development of the base story through the song. This is one such song & these songs would obviously become hit.......... Thanks Rajesh............. Sathya
  5. vs.suresh

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    Superb Rajesh...

    Will try it out...

    Keep posting..
  6. pearlmaharajan

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    superb song...

    still finding some time to take my guitar :(
  7. roentgen

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    Hmm....these are old classics and treasures and there's no hiding it.
    I'm sure there are plenty of folks out here who enjoy old/oldish songs.
    It just thought this would make it easier to spot. I do see your point about youngsters avoiding it.
    Any regular visitor to this site should by now be aware that almost all songs for which chords have been posted are at least good if not great songs. If anyone chooses to avoid a particular song - it is their loss!
  8. Guitarsen

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    Well said Rajesh.
  9. SATHYA167

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    We should put the year. If someone skips the song and the "Post" by seeing the year, he / she is not a true guitarist... Sathya
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  12. vs.suresh

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    Hi maxpowr,

    Please post it with "Chord Courtesy by Roentgen" or "Chords by Roentgen"... and kindly do remove the existing name "Chords By Milan & Manish" from your site....
  13. Guitarsen

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    Correction, for this song, chords by Rajesh not me.
  14. vs.suresh

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    Thanks for finding out Senthil... Now corrected...
  15. jack daniel

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    Hey roentgen... Very happy to see you back after long time....

    One more request bro... I'll will be very thankful to you if you also post the chords for interludes and preludes..

    Thank you...

    Life is short live it today :)

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