Chords: quit playing ( Backstreet Boys)

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    Enjoi.. one more post....


    A D G D

    ------------ A------- D---G ---------------- D------------
    Even in my heart I feel you're not being true to me
    ------------ A ---- D ----G --------------- D ----------------
    deep within my soul I see , nothing's like it used to be
    ----------------- A ---------- D -----------------
    Sometime's I wish I could turn back time
    ----G------------ D------------
    Impossible as it may seem
    ---------- A --------
    but I wish I could
    --- D ---- G ----
    so bad , baby


    Quit playing with my heart ( quit palying games with my heart...)
    ------- D -----------------------------------------
    with my heart ( before you tear as apart )
    with my heart ( quit playing games with my heart...)
    ------ A ---------
    with my heart
    ---------------------- A -----------------------
    Is should have knowm from the start....

    Bm------------- G---------- D --------Bm------------------
    Baby , baby , the love that we had was so strong
    ------------- G --------- D--------------
    can't keep on hanging on forever
    ---- Bm ------- G -------- D--------
    oh baby baby , this is not right
    ------- G--------D-------
    let's stop this tonight

    Tell me if u like it.. and Ya i also changed my avatar.. ( i guess many people in IGT had sumthing 2 say abt that...)

    waiting resposes and reps... if any..

    vishwa :cool:
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    So many views no replies.. tell atleat if u don't like it.. :think:
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    finally u changed ur avatar......... :p:
    this one is good..(better than the last one) :p:
    ur chords r good
    reps 4u!
  4. strings

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    the chords are good but i think bm comes second
    a bm g d

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