Chords: Pottu Vaith Kadhal Thittam - Singaravelan

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    One amazing peppy composition by IR. I don't think anyone else other than Kamal could have sung it better. What high notes he reaches. He was probably the first to pronounce 'love' as 'love' and not 'lou'!
    It is also one of the few IR songs in which the same interlude is used twice.

    Raaga Jukebox

    (Am)pOttu vaithak kaadhal thittam ok kanmani
    ohho kaadhalaa I love you endru sonaal ponmani
    (Am)idhudhan kaadhal (D)express
    only (Am)iruvar sellum (D)bus bus
    (Am)velan velai (D)success
    ini (Am)kaalai maalai (D)kiss kiss

    (Em)kaaveri alla
    (CM7)anai pOttu kolla indha (F)kaadhal
    (Em)vilai vaasi pOlae
    (CM7)visham pOla yerum indha (F)kaadal
    (F/C)kaetkaadha (F#m/C#)love song ondru (D)kaetkindra (D#dim)naeram idhu (Em)vaa vaa
    (F/C)paarkadha (F#m/C#)honey-moon ondru (D)paarkindra (D#dim)vaelai indru (Em)vaa vaa
    bayam (D)vittu… pudhu (C)puratchi nadathalaam...(Am)..(D)

    Rajesh :music:
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    I felt the same way, no one could have matched the Kamal's high pitch. Thanks for the chords Rajesh.
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    Really nice song by Kamal. Musical hit movie for IR. Thanks for the chords - Sathya
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    Nice song Rajesh... New info about the song....

    Keep posting...

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