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  1. Subir_Rock_on

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    Any one plz post the chords of the famous song "Sutta Na Mila" or "Sutta" with the lyrics.
  2. nazr

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    Hit the search button,type in the name of the song and you will get both the chords and lyrics.
  3. Dhruvmiester

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    its all on G, C, D man

    ill do a verse and the intro fer you

    intro is like this
    g(full strum)
    c(hit twice)
    and then d(complete strum u left at c)

    listen to the song a few times and ull get wat im saying

    as fer song it goes

    dosto mein baitha

    main sutta pi raha -aa-aa

    papa ne mujhe
    sutta peete dekh liya

    ghar jab mein pahucha

    toh danda ho gaya

    bahenchod sutta

    sutta na mila

    THats abt it yeh

    FINE SONG i salute skip and zeest
    njoy mate
    and yeah fer strum pattern just listen to the song once or twice ull get it
  4. sam#3

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    use Em also... dat vil b better buddy....
  5. ultrabot90

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    Sumit_dinkar would know the accurate ones. I've seen him play...its 0wnage.

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