Chords of Sawan Barse Tarse Dil - Dahek

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  1. Subhro

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    Sawan Barse Tarse Dil - Dahek

    F     Bb       F 
    Sawan barse tarse dil
    F      Bb        F
    Yun na nikle gharse dil
    F               Bb     F
    Barkha mein bhi dil pyasa hain
    F       Bb       F 
    Ye pyar nahin to kya hain
    Dekho kaisa bekarar hain bhare bazar mein
    Cm      Bb               F 
    Yaar ek yaar ke intezaar mein
    F                           Dm    F
    Ek mohabbat ka deewana dhundta sa phire
    F                           Dm    F
    koyi chahat ka nazrana dilruba ke liye
    F           Am   Bb      Dm  
    cham cham chalee pagal pawan
    F     Am   Bb      Dm
    aye mazaaa bhige balam
    bhige balam pisle kadam
    Bb           F
    barkha bahar mein
    F                           Dm       F    
    Ek hasina idhar dekho kaise bechayan hain
    F                         Dm       F  
    Raste par lage kaise uske do nayan hai
    F         Am   Bb      Dm 
    Sach puchiyeee to mere yaar
    F        Am  Bb     Dm
    Donoke dilll beyektiyar
    Beyektiyar hai pehli baar 
    Bb          F
    Pehli bahar mein
    not so good in chords..
    so corrections/suggestions puhleeeez.
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  2. Sanjay Mazumder

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    Posted a kool song, dude. But will play in the morning. It's quite late now. Good night.
  3. Subhro

    Subhro Argentina lost :"(

    ok.. gdnite :) n thnx.
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  4. sixstringsin

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    reps for you! -- sound 100% accurate man!
  5. sarang_cool

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    hey...! gr8888 song and accorate chords...!

    thanks for the chords subhro :beer:

    reps coming your way...!
  6. awmurshedkar

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    Sawan Barse Chords

    i have attached the file as it was all distorded when i pasted it here

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  7. sixstringsin

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    ^ Hi awmur@ -- ok ur chords are transposed by a whole step (compared to the one abv by subhro). Havent yet tried singing with ur chords -- will try and feedback! good job!

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