Chords of Khuda by Aaroh

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    Sub:Chords of Khuda by Aaroh

    this is the first song tabbed by myself so if anyone find any mistake then plz correct me,

    Band = Aaroh
    Song = Khuda
    Tabbed By Me;)

    A E
    Aansoo Poochh de,
    A E
    roona chhor de
    D E A
    tera ho na ho koi hai to khuda

    A E
    Dheron Mushkilain
    A E
    Ya hon Dhairon Uljhanian
    D E A
    Koi sune ya na sune hai sunta khuda

    A E
    Saamne Hoon Pahar
    D A
    Tu na darr mere yaar
    A E
    Tu Bhi de usko sada
    D A
    jis ki hai yeh kainat

    plz do comment about my chords
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    Im such a newbie, but i was wondering if you could also explain the fingering for each chord, and strum patterns. It would help imbeciles like myself. thanks.

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