Chords--- O meri Soni meri tamanna

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  1. lalbamboo

    lalbamboo New Member

    Bbm F# G#
    O meri soni, meri tamanna, jhooth nahin hai mera pyar
    G# F Bb
    deewane se ho gayi galti, jaane do yaar
    Bb F Bb F
    I love you, I love you

    Bbm F# Bbm
    Aake meri aankhon mein tum dekho, in mein har ek ada tumhari hai
    Bbm F# Bbm
    Kehne ko ye dil hai mera lekin, dhadkan mein sada tumhari hai
    Bbm G# Bbm F# F
    Tumse hai chain mera tumse hai mera karaar
    Bb F Bb F
    La la la la I love you, I love you
  2. anurag213

    anurag213 New Member

    help !!

    hey can u plz tell the strumming pattern of th song...
  3. lalbamboo

    lalbamboo New Member

    This song in in 6/4 time, the rhythm goes like 1 2 3 1&2&3&
    1 2 3 are down strokes and 1&2&3& are continuous and consecutive updown strokes. try it slowly and build up the tempo
  4. apokalypse43

    apokalypse43 New Member

    im a beginner can u temme how the strumming pattern is ....

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