Chords needed -Raghav's - NO I (acapella)

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  1. xpendc

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    hey guyz, i came acro$$ this really nice ver$ion of No I, by Raghav,on youtube, it waz ju$t raghav $inging and $onia rele playing the guitar, can anyone plzz get me the chord$ $hez playing in thi$ $ong, and i'll figure out the finger picking nd all, herez the link >> , thanx...
  2. atiq

    atiq 4amanth2_2t1q

    i want the chords too
  3. atiq

    atiq 4amanth2_2t1q

    Any one plz..............
  4. xpendc

    xpendc New Member

    86 views and 2 replie$! come on guy$!!! i$nt there anyone who can help me?!
  5. supaero

    supaero New Member

    yup, plz plz

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