Chords: Ilamai Idho Idho - Sakalakala Vallavan (1982)

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    Even after 30 yrs, no new year party is complete without this song! The energy packed into this song is unbelievable. Who can forget SPB's 'thaga thaga' in the 3rd interlude.

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    (Bm)iLamai idhO idhO inimai idhO idhO
    (F#)co(G)llegeu (E)tee(G)nage (Bm)peN(E)gaL
    (F#)el(G)lOrkkum (E)enn (G)meedhu (Bm)kaN(E)gaL

    (Bm)vaalibaththil manmadhan(A..Bm)leelaigaLil mannavan(A..Bm)
    (Bm)raathiriyil chandiran (A..Bm)rasigaigaLin indhiran(A..Bm)
    naan aadum (E)aattam paarungaL nigarEadhu kooRungaL
    (Bm)naan paadum (E)paattaik kaeLungaL kaiththaaLam pOdungaL
    (G7)oor pOtRavE (Bb)pEar vaanguvEan
    (F#)naan thaan sagalaka(Bm)la valla(F#)van....

    Rajesh :music:
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    Thank you so much, Rajesh. What a peppy song, uncontested New Year party song winner! SPB's energy in the song is infectious.

    Can you please clarify if the first (G) exists / correct in the below lines?
    (F#)co(G)llegeu (E)tee(G)nage (Bm)peN(E)gaL
    (F#)el(G)lOrkkum (E)enn (G)meedhu (Bm)kaN(E)gaL
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    Thx for the chords Rajesh. Thought it was already discussed in IKF. I remember we played this song at Festember Sep 23 1988 REC, Trichy, our slot was at 3:30 am. Right before us, other team concluded with Sankarabaranam number, the audience was almost sleeping. When our lead guitarist started with this song, whole auditorium screamed and started dancing, such an energetic song. We played Kavidhai Paadu kuyile and Then Madurai vaigai nadhi (the same day when movie got released). Our lead guitarist Jayaraj won the best instrumentalist award and our singer got the best male singer award esp for "thaga thaga".
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    Yes, its true... All time favourite peppy song..

    Thanks for the chords Rajesh..

    Keep Posting..

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