Chords: Ilam Pani Thuli - Aaradhanai (1981)

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    Another cracking song from the early years of IR with an amazing chord arrangement.
    Painful to watch on youtube, especially the dork who 'plays' the guitar in the prelude! For those who dare, here's the link:
    Ilam Pani Thuli - YouTube

    Or if you would prefer just the music here's raaga:
    Raaga Jukebox

    The singer Radhika to my knowledge has not sing any more songs.

    (Am)iLam pani (G)thuLir vizhum (C)ne(Dm)ram.. (E7)
    (Am)ilaigaLil (G)magarandha (C)kO(Dm)lam.. (E7)
    (C)thunai kiLi (C/B)thaedi (C/Bb)thudithapa(C/B)di
    (C)thani kiLi (C/B)ondru (C/Bb)thavithappa(C/B)di
    (CM7)suda suda nanaigindra(F)dhaaa... (C)..ay... (FM7..Em7..Dm7..CM7 )

    (Am)aaaaaa(Dm)sai nadhi (Am)madai thirak(FM7)kum
    Strings - /E7/Am/E7/Am E7/
    (Am)vaaaaaa(Dm)sal vandhu (Am)kadhavadaik(FM7)kum
    Strings - /E7/Am/E7/Am E7/
    (C)kaayaadhu mana eerangaL
    thaaLaadhu thodu (Dm)baarangaL
    (C)kaaviya (Am)kaadhalin (C)bae(D)dhangaLae
    (C)oomaiyin (Am)kaadhalai (C)pe(D)sungaLaen
    (E7)malargaLum thozhugindradhae

    Rajesh :music:
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    I have not heard this song..... Let me listen and try.... Thanks.... Sathya
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    Nice song... Looks bit complex in chord progression.. Have to try out definitely...

    Thanks for posting Rajesh...

    Keep Posting...
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    Very good song selection. Kunguma chengamalam is my fav in that, chords was already posted in IKF. I remember Radhika's another song (Anbe deivam) from IR's unique attempt, a Murugan song in Christian song format. Pls give it a try, u all will like it.

    En Selvame - Illayaraja - Songs at
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    Tune for the lines,

    (C)kaayaadhu mana eerangaL
    thaaLaadhu thodu (Dm)baarangaL

    Is the highlight of the song.
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