Chords for the song "bolna halke halke" from jhoom barabar jhoom

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    hey guys finally figured out the chords and the original scale for this lively song from JBJ sung by rahat fateh ali khan and madhushree...check it out!!

    Bol Na Halke Halke ( Lyrics )
    Movie : Jhoom Barabar Jhoom - 2007
    Music Director : Shankar Eshaan & Loy
    Singer(s) :Rahat Fateh Ali Khan & Mahalaxmi Iyer
    Lyricist :Gulzar

    [Em]Dhaage tod[D]laao chanda[Am]ni se noor[Em]ke
    [Em]Ghoonghat hi ba[D]nalo roshi[Am]ni se noor[Em]ke
    Sharma ga[Bm]ii to aagosh[Em]mein lo
    hooo[A]Saaaso se uljhi[A & halt after a strike]rahi meri saasein
    [Em]Bol Na Halke[A]Halke X 2
    [Em]hoonth se halke[A]halke
    bol na hal[Em]ke X 2 [HALT]

    Aa neend[G]ka sauda ka[D]rein
    Ek khwaab[A]de ek khwaab[Em]le
    Ek khwaab[G]to aankhon mein[D]hai
    Ek chand[A]ke takiye taa[Em]le
    Kitne di[Bm]no se yeh as[Em]maan bhi
    [A]soya nahi hai
    [stike A once & halt]Isko sula de...

    [Em]Bol Na Halke[A]Halke X 2
    [Em]hoonth se halke[A]halke
    bol na hal[Em]ke X 2 [HALT]

    Umrein la[G]gi kehte hu[D]eyy
    do lafaj[A]the ek baat[Em]thi
    Woh ek[G]din sau saal[D]ka
    Sau saal[A]ki woh raat[Em]thi
    Kaise la[Bm]gay jo chupchap[Em]dono
    [A]Palpal mein puri[stike A once & halt]sadiyan beetadein

    [Em]Bol Na Halke[A]Halke X 2
    [Em]hoonth se halke[A]halke
    bol na hal[Em]ke X 2 [HALT]


    Dhaage tod aalo chandani se noor ke
    Ghoonghat hi banalo roshini se noor ke
    Sharma gai to aagosh mein lo
    ho Saaaso se uljhi rahi meri saasein
    [Bol Na Halke Halke 2
    hooth se halke halke
    bol na halke ]2

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  2. anshammer

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    hey...its good.!!

    thnks...good work.!
  3. adityabajaj007

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    hey thanks yaa!!! thanks a lot!!!
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    great chords, found them to play real nice with the song. I hate the song but someone I know loves it so yeah... I have to prepare it and had been looking for the chords. Thanks
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    hey can someone post the tabs of this song as well ..
  6. adityabajaj007

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    thanks dude!! will try and post the tabs as well!!!
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    yeah man nice chords ...:beer:
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    its gud tat u posted it....i'm too lazy to figure 'em out..
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    good job!! luv the chords...
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    hey thanks yaar thanks a lot!!!!
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    try this







    am tabbing the rest
    its a damn cool interlude
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    hey din get yr tabs buddy!!
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    Great chords. thanx.
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    hey what's the strumming pattern??
  15. adityabajaj007

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    hey thanks yar relly glad to knoe tha!
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    hey good work man
    keep it up
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    thankws dude!
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    hello...i want tabs.........

    i want tabs for ths song either if possible all song from jbj
    i know only guitar tabs or a piano tabs.please give that also.
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    hey i really dun knoe how to figure out tabs yaa seriously and dun even knoe how to read them but nevertheless...u can send in a request and sumbody will surely help u.. i'm really sry but incase u need any help regarding chrds and stuff i'll b there to help!!!
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    wats the strummin pattern?

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