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  1. guitaretto

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    Hey guitarists!! I'm very much new to the chords, but yet I've tried to figure out the chords for "paadana teeyaga" from the movie vasu. Pls check them out and correct me if I'm wrong. here it goes...
    Song: paadana teeyaga
    Movie: vaasu
    Music: Harris Jayraj
    Paadana Teeyaga kammani Oka Paata
    D D A A
    Paataga Bratakana Mee Andai Nota
    D D A A
    Aavedaney Haalahalmai Padutunna
    C B B
    Naa GaanaMaagadu Ley
    C C E
    Ika Naa Gaanamaagadu Ley...
    C C E

    That's all guys, Pls forgive me and correct me if I'm wrong. Thank You.
  2. kishore_nittala

    kishore_nittala New Member

    hey buddy... good try!
    i really appreciate your work. even i am a newbie and trying to post some chords of telugu songs.

    ------------hv fun-----------
  3. jimmy700us

    jimmy700us New Member

    Dude These Are The Right Chords I Think! Check Em Out And Enjoy.... So Do U Play Any More Telugu Songs?? Where In India Are U Da!

    E B A
    Paadana Teeyaga kammani Oka Paata

    E B A
    Paataga Bratakana Mee Andai Nota
    E C#m A B
    Aavedaney Haalahalmai Padutunna
    E C#m A
    Naa GaanaMaagadu Ley
    C#m A
    Ika Naa Gaanamaagadu Ley...
  4. Sheerig

    Sheerig New Member

    jimmy it sounds good..... nice work.... but too flat .... great job.....
  5. guitaretto

    guitaretto New Member

    Hey! thanks Kishore,and I would be happy to see more of Telugu music. Waiting for your chords.
  6. guitaretto

    guitaretto New Member

    Well guys, a lot of thanks for the appreciation and encouragement. I will try some more of telugu music. Well, I'm from Hyderabad.

    I ain't no musician,
    I ain't even a guitarist.
    I'm just an ordinary man,
    Anything special in me is the love for music.
  7. deviram

    deviram New Member

    well tried buddy good go on
  8. kishore_nittala

    kishore_nittala New Member

    i think many of you guys are from telugu.
    Lets keep this loop going and add some telugu songs to this
    Little work is put on IGT for telugu songs where as a lot of songs are there that have good guitar work
    i have a few works but i am staying away from home (from India :( ) and couldnt get them to you before June.
    I dont have a guitar now and so its difficult to put them down on a paper!
    and more over I am still a beginner!
  9. ady_mama

    ady_mama New Member

    just keep it going.. nice attempts.
  10. janu369

    janu369 New Member

    hi everyone. . . .im a newbie. . . I think chords for padana teeyaga (vasu) starts for the intro. . . F (d d d du)C (d du) Dmin(d)
  11. kotak25krishna

    kotak25krishna New Member


    Can you please also let me know the freats of the above strings you are referring. I am a very beginner to guitar. Hence please help me.
    I know the strings as EADGBE (654321). In these strings which freats i have to play for this.

  12. janu369

    janu369 New Member

    Fmaj Cmaj Dmin.
  13. geekdba

    geekdba New Member

    Guys good try but i'll give u right chords here

    Intro: F C Dm
    Strumming Pattern is: Down Down Down DownUpDownUp(F) Down Down(C) Down DownUpDownUp(Dm)

    Song Chords:

    (F)Paadana ...... Kammani(Gm) ... paa(C)ta

    (F)Paata ga brathakana.. (Gm)mee andhari no(C)ta

    (F)Aaraadha(Dm)ney (Am)Amrutha varsham (C)anukunna
    (F)Aavedha(Dm)ney (Am)Haalahalamai (C)....

    (Dm)na gaanama(A#)agadhuley(F) repeat
  14. Hi Krishna,
    Welcome to IGT.
    In this thread we have chords for the songs(to play the background guitar strumming), not tabs(to play music resembling the singer's voice and lyrics)..
    That is why you may not understand the notations above.
    For example, this song starts with Fmajor chord... (simply put as F chord), for which you have to occlude the whole first fret of all six strings with your index finger, place your middle finger on third string G- second fret, ring finger on fifth string A - third fret, and little finger on fourth string- third fret.
    Look at the pictures below.


    If you are an absolute beginner, it is better to learn these from a guitar teacher.
    Meanwhile you can always play tabs like those below:

  15. Dheeraj G

    Dheeraj G New Member

    Hello every one.. the following chords sounds fine.. thanks for google :)

    padana teeyaga, kammani oka pata

    pataga palakana mee andari nota

    Aradhane, amrutha varsham anukunna

    Aa vedane halahalamai padutunna

    Na ganam agadu le, ika, na gana agadu le

    Gundello premake, gudigatte velalo, tanuvanta pulakinthe, vayasanta giliginthe

    F----------C---------F-----------------F --
    Preminche prati manishi idi ponde anubhute,

    -C Dm--------------Am-----------------------(my fav part)
    ---Anuragala saram jeevithamanukunte

    Anubandhala teeram anandalunte,

    Prati manasula kalige bhavam premele
  16. samuelsen007

    samuelsen007 New Member

    Perfect chords for the paadana theeyaga song :-

    F C A#

    Strumming Pattern is: Down Down Down DownUpDownUp(F) Down Down(C) Down DownUpDownUp(A#)

    continue dis sequence for the "charanas" by inlcuding Dm

    this chords used in mah cover u can listen it Paadana Theeyaga (Vaasu) Guitar Cover (Samuel Sen) - YouTube
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