chords for P.O.D youth of the nation

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  1. satanik_nik

    satanik_nik New Member

    hey guys,

    This song has 3 chords all the way through and thats it!
    wasn't hard to work out, took me about 5 minutes after I heard the song.

    C# - Bar Chord B - Bar Chord F - Bar Chord
    -------------- ------------- -------------
    E-3 E-1 E-1
    B-4 B-3 B-3
    G-5 G-3 G-3
    D-5 D-3 D-2
    A-3 A-1 A-1
    E-3 E-1 E-1

    Here is the chorus for the timing, but it's the same all the way through

    C# B F C#
    we are, we are, the youth of the nation
  2. radicalz_adi

    radicalz_adi New Member

    thats too much

    five mins a begginer takes

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