Chords for O sanam,Dooba Dooba and Tu he meri shab..plsssss

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  1. abhi105

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    Hi all...
    this is my first post to the forum and I am looking for the strumming pattern of 3 songs desperately
    1. O sanam -Lucky Ali
    2. Dooba Dooba - Silk Route
    3. Tu he meri shab hai -- gangster
    I know the chords but donno how to strumm....pls can any one let me now the strumming pattern....i tried lot but couldnt make out...

  2. shariq

    shariq New Member

    ok here is ur dooba dooba tabs,
    (G)dooba dooba raheta ho(C)on ankhoon me(D)in teri,
    (G)deewana bangaya ho(C)on yadoon me(D)in teri,
    (Am)ab din(Bm) guzarte nahi rate(Am)ein kati(Bm) nahi,
    (Am)teri tasve(Bm)er se ba(Am)at banti(Bm) nahi,
    oh,ho.... (G)aaja,
    rythm:-for G-C-D ITS D-D-U-D-U-D,
    FOR Am-Bm its D-D-U-D-U-D-D.,
    FORtempo listen it up,.

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