CHords for Meri Kahani-Atif Aslam (Nadia KHan show version)

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    Hey ppl... salamz to all has been a long time...i guess a few months or so since i posted on dis site... i can jus say tht ive been bz wid my life...nyways da reason tht im posting after a long time is becuz of a song i recently heard... which forced me to make a posting on dis site...

    The song is Meri kahani- Atif Aslam frm his album MEri kahani... da album i think is not officially released.. but atif performed a small part of his song on NAdia Khan show... its an unplugged version but an awesumm one...

    All those ppl who have admired dis song and loved it... here da r the chords which i figured out frm da NKS version... Here it is

    IN da starting he plays a small appregio type and strums it for a short while... according to wht i considered he strums dis way


    OK so da above chords r strummed... which is a combination of E5 &C#5 power chords...IMPORTANT thing... these chords r strummed wid a lil muting as well... for tht u have to figure out da strumming pattern whilst hearing tht song ...

    Then da song starts wid lyrics which has simple chords:-

    Emaj (-x-7-6-4-5-4) x means mute da string
    or (if u r unable to to hold dis chord play E5)
    E5 (-x-7-9-9-x-x) play dis instead if u feel Emaj uneasy
    C#5 (-x-4-6-6-x-x) or hold da C#maj chord
    Amaj (-x-4-2-2-x-x)
    Bmaj (-x-2-4-4-4-2)

    Heres da pattern in which da song goes wid da chrds

    Emaj or E5
    jhoola jhulaye ye panghat.. naddiya kinare yee angan

    C#maj or E5
    nindiya tu ana...hawa ke sang mujhko bhi tu dekhana apne rang

    Emaj or E5
    Suno mere dil jaani ye kahani mani..ek din mere sang ye jahan

    C#maj or C5
    mera bhi kuch aur tera bhi arma... jaane dil mein kya kuch ye basa

    A B E
    Yehhh...meriii.... kahaanniiii
    A B E
    Yehhh meriiiee.....kahaaannniii

    ( da verse and da chorus r playd wid muting... u need to hear da song to get da strumming pattern) the rest of da song goes in almost da same pattern...

    SOo ppl dis is wht atif playd in NKS... MEri kahani..beautiful song.
    Dis is da best i cus produce while hearing da song...ny corrections aur ny comments r always welcum...

    :D:D soo plz hope u likd it...plz giv reps also...keep rokin and plz COMMENT
  2. eerie_era

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    ahh cmmon pplz.... i spend alot of time tryin to tabb it out and then u ppl not even willin to comment..cmmon igt mmembers... i need ur support and guidess... jus tell me how does it sound... gimme ur opinion towards it..
    plzzz COMMENT
  3. Sheeda Nagin

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    rubbish song
    poor lyrics
    poor melody
    everything in this song is trash especially the video.........
    wrost song from atif
  4. buntyindia

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    hey dude nice song nice music
    thanx 4 postiong this song
  5. r@zor2

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    im waiting to get my guitar then am going to try and learn this song Hardcore ATIF FAN HERE
  6. justt4u_247

    justt4u_247 New Member

    u cant say trash to such a song and specially when its ATIF ASLAM..
  7. shilbodhi

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    Nice work dude
  8. ankitgandhi_64

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  9. ajit_mugilan

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    wat a shame.. cheap rip off.. better luck next time.. its sad isnt it.. hmmm...
  10. ankurvariava

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    Thank you very much
  11. Abhishekgivson

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    very good so u copied it

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