Chords for "Indha Punnagai Enna Vilai" from "Deivathaai"

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  1. thamboo

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    Song: Indha Punnagai Enna Vilai
    Singers: TM Sounderarajan, P Suseela
    Movie: Deivathaai
    Key: F Major (confused with D minor too)

    Found some time to work on my One & Only Thalaivar's Super Hit Song after some tight scheduled days
    Please review the chords Roentgen

    Indha Punnagai Enna Vi(F)lai
    En (Dm) Idhayam Sonna Vi(F)lai
    Ival (F)Kannangal Enna Vi(Bb)lai
    Indha (Bb)kaigal thandha vi(F)lai

    Indha (Dm)Punnagai Enna Vi(F)lai
    En (Dm) Idhayam Sonna Vi(F)lai

    Saranam 1
    (Bb)Ezhudhiya kavidhaigal (Gm)aayoramo
    (F)Ennangal oonjalil (C)poal varumo
    (F)azhagiya pengalin (Bb)pazhakkamundo
    (G#)paattukkal paadum (F)vazhakkamundo

    Saranam 2
    (C)Endha paattukkum thaalangal (Dm)vaendum
    (C)endha paavaikkum kaavalgal (F)vaendum
    (F)endha aasaikkum uruvangal (Bb)vaendum
    (C)endha paarvaikkum paruvangal (F)vaendum
    (Dm)endha naeramum nee ingu (Gm)vaendum
    (C)azhage aruge (Gm)varuvaene

    Saranam 3(Saranam 4 continued without break in this unique song; saranams have 2 different chord patterns)
    (Bb)kannil pattadhil (Gm)paadhi sugam
    (F)kaiyil thottadhil (C)meedhi sugam
    (F)iravukkum nilavukkum (Bb)vaelai vaithaai
    (G#)kaalathil kaadhalai (F)vaazha vaithai
    (C)imai moodiya paarvayil (Dm)mayakkam
    (C)idhazh moodiya vaarthayil (F)mounam
    (F)indha aaramba paadathai (Bb)padithaen
    (C)idhai unnidame naan (F)nadithaen
    (Dm)endha naeramum nee ingu (Gm)vaendum
    (C)azhage aruge (Gm)varuvaene

    Indha (Dm)Punnagai Enna Vi(F)lai
    En (Dm) Idhayam Sonna Vi(F)lai
    Ival (F)Kannangal Enna Vi(Bb)lai
    Indha (Bb)kaigal thandha vi(F)lai

    Indha (Dm)Punnagai Enna Vi(F)lai
    En (Dm) Idhayam Sonna Vi(F)lai
  2. thamboo

    thamboo Member

    G# Major is not in F Major Scale but for sure in F Blues Scale;
    Hi Roentgen can you please review this song and make sure of this chord's presence ?
  3. rajeshguitar

    rajeshguitar New Member

    Beautiful song. Playing your transcription, I have similar doubts.
    Believe the Fs sound better if they are moved to F#s.
  4. thamboo

    thamboo Member

    F is what I here and it is the first chord of the song; I can hear it very clearly; switching between F & Dm creates the doubt whether it might be F & Dm7 as it easier to play(but sounds Dm I say) with the same shape but lifting ring or little finger(depends on how you play); but F is perfect I say
  5. thamboo

    thamboo Member

    Cannot hear the Rhythm Guitar in Saranam clearly and Strings is what I hear
  6. thamboo

    thamboo Member

    Hi Roentgen, could you please cross check this version?
  7. roentgen

    roentgen Member

    Nice chords thamboo.
    Nice composition by MSV.
    I've done some corrections.

    (F)Indha Punnagai Enna Vilai
    En Idhayam Sonna Vilai
    Ival Kannangal Enna Vi(Bb)lai(F7)iii(Bb)ii
    Indha (Bb7)kaigal thandha vi(F)lai

    Indha (F)Punnagai Enna Vilai
    En Idhayam Sonna Vilai

    Saranam 1
    (Bb)Ezhudhiya kavidhaigal aayoramo
    (F)Ennangal (C7)oonjalil (Bb)poal varu(F)mo
    (F7)azhagiya pengalin (Bb)pazhakkamundo
    (F)paattukkal (Bb7)paadum (F)vazhakkamundo

    Saranam 2
    (C7)Endha paattukkum thaalangal (F)vaendum
    endha (C7)paavaikkum kaavalgal (F)vaendum
    endha (F)aasaikkum uruvangal (Bb)vaendum
    endha (F)paarvaikkum paruvangal vaendum
    endha (F)naeramum nee ingu (Bb)vaendum
    (C7)azhage aruge varuvae(F)ne

    (Bb)kannil pattadhil paadhi su(Gm)gam
    (C7)kaiyil thottadhil meedhi su(F)gam
    (F7)iravukkum nilavukkum (Bb)vaelai vaithaai
    (F)kaalathil (Bb7)kaadhalai (F)vaazha vaithai

    Rajesh :music:
  8. thamboo

    thamboo Member

    Thank you very much Roentgen, was just confused with those strings in most areas, I will play your chords hereafter and it is quite easy with those given by you, no quick switches and that would be fun to play

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