Chords For Hasnuhana

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  1. anuranjan

    anuranjan New Member

    Prelude : E C#m B A Ab

    Song 1 : E C#m Bsus7 B7 B7A AB

    Chorus : E C A E

    Chorus 2: E C A B7

    Solo : E Ab C#m E Bb07 E AAbm F#m Bsus7 A A B
    :rule: :rockon:
  2. deepon

    deepon Crazy Guitarist !!!

    Hey anuranjan,
    Lyrics gulo shathe dile better hobe. Can you please put them? :think:
  3. saustin316

    saustin316 New Member

    Hey anuranjan,
    I dunno how to read chords. Can you put it on tabs format? Keep in mind, I have an acoustic Ebase guitar.
  4. deepon

    deepon Crazy Guitarist !!!

  5. anuranjan

    anuranjan New Member

    hey man deepon im really busy now ill try to put them as soon as i finish my boards.till then happy guitaring

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