Chords for "Aathula Annakili" from "Veera"

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    Song: Aathula Annakili _Movie: Veera _Key: C Major_Singer: Arunmozhi (Raaja's Flautist) _Aathula(CMaj7) annaki(Dm)li(Dm) Thaechu (CMaj7)nee manjaku(Dm)li(Dm) X 2 Ennaye Thorathuna(Dm) Manasaye Veruppana(Dm) Unakku Naan Oruthana(Dm) Eppavum Iruppena(Dm) Adi (F)Achaaram podadha Aadudhadi (Am)Loalaakku (Dm)Poongazhuthu (CMaj7)Yaen Aadu(Dm)dhu Un (Dm)Ponnundambu (CMaj7)Yaempaadu(Dm)dhu X 2 Please review the chords Roentgen
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    Looks good thamboo.
    No CM7 or Am though.

    Aathu(C)la annaki(Dm)li Thaechu (C)nee manjaku(Dm)li X 2
    (Dm)Ennaye Thorathuna Manasaye Veruppana
    (Dm)Unakku Naan Oruthana Eppavum Iruppena
    Adi (F)Achaaram podadha Aadu(C)dhadi Loalaakku
    Poongazhuthu (C)Yaen Aadu(Dm)dhu
    Un (Dm)Ponnundambu (C)Yaempaadu(Dm)dhu

    Rajesh :music:
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    Thanks Roentgen, I think the best way to train ear is first trying to transcribe lead notes for a song and then assign chords for it so that the tonal quality of the harmony matches the lead note sound, I recently tried with a devotional song in C Major scale and the chord sounding was perfect for that corresponding lead note, we also learn to compose songs by reharmonizing already composed songs irrespective of the key(in original key would be perfect), instead of reharmonizing a popular song; it is better to reharmonize devotional songs which already carries different arrangement from different music directors

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