Chords: Ennama Kannu - Mr. Bharath (1986)

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    Peppy number composed by IR. Sung by SPB and MV.

    Raaga Jukebox

    (E)ennamma kaNNu sowkiyama
    (E)aamaamma kaNNu sowk(C)yam(E)dhaan
    (C)yaanaikku chinna poonai (Am)pOttiya - thuNinju
    (C)mOdhithaan patta paadu (Am)paaththiya
    (C)yaarukkum anjidaadha (Am)singamdhaan - urasip
    (C)paarunga mangidaadha (Am)thangamdhaan

    (E)veLLippaNam ennidaththil kotikkidakku
    (Am)vettippayal unnidaththil enna iru(E)kku
    (E)saththiyaththai paesugindra nenjam irukku
    (Am)uththamana neeyirundha meesai muru(E)kku
    (Dm)saththiyaththae (E)nambi (F)oho (E)oho (Am)ho...
    (Dm)laabamillae (E)thambi (F)oho (G)oho (E)ho....
    (Dm)nichchayamaa (E)needhi (F)aha (E)haaha (Am)haah....
    (Dm)vellum oru (E)thaedhi (F)aha (G)haaha (E)haah....
    (Am)unnaaladhaan (E)aagaa(Dm)dhu a (C)vaegaa(Am)dhu
    (C)konjamdhaanae vendhirukku michcham vaegattum (E)hoi

    Rajesh :music:
  2. Guitarsen

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    Thought, this was already discussed in IKF, searched again not there. Thx for the chords Rajesh.
    Suresh, pls post in the "Hall of Fame".

    Sathya, Pls note this is an Am scale.
  3. SATHYA167

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    I am fine Rajesh. Nice song & thanks for the chords............. Sathya
  4. vs.suresh

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    Beautiful song with SPB and MV combo....

    Thanks Rajesh for posting the Chords...

    Keep posting...
  5. rajeshguitar

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    Very nice song, chords. Thank you, Rajesh
  6. pearlmaharajan

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    IR : He gives song for anymood... this is wer many leading music directors fail... I dont remember any other song for this similar scenario. Good singing by the two legends. And of-course a great show by RK and SR.

    Thanks for the chords.

    Can some1 help me with the strumming pattern ? Would be great if yes. Thanks in advance
  7. pearlmaharajan

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    some1 help me with the strumming pattern pls
  8. myrules

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    You can try this pattern, I'm not sure but try it.. D DU DUDU...

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