chords: deewane hoke hum by sonu nigam

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changing from Em to Am doesn't sounds good....i need an alternative for this Am

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  1. rahulvaish

    rahulvaish New Member

    deewane hoke hum milne lage sanam
    jabse jude hain silsile
    aankhon se rooth kar neenden chaleen gayin
    naa jaane kaise gul khile
    naa jaane kaise pyaar hua naa jaane kab ikraar hua
    ----------------B---------- Em--B
    ke apni baat ban gayi
    hmm.....laa raa.......

    muquaddar mera sanvar jaane do
    dil jo kahe vo kar jaane do
    meri baahon mein chale aao tum
    had se mujhe guzar jaane do
    ke aao laga loon tumko gale


    looking for responses..........bye & have a gr8 time... ;)
  2. sambitsatpathy

    sambitsatpathy New Member


    hi...i tried with the open as well as the barred chords. i guess they sound good with the open chords. please let us know how you played it, with the open one or the barred one. if you could give some strumming patterns..that wd be great help.
    if notes were fonts and i were able to see them...i'd be :rock: ing you by now ;)
  3. rahulvaish

    rahulvaish New Member

    i played it with open chords & thnkx for the compliments

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