Chords and Tabs for the song Inji Iduppazhagi from Thevar Magan - IR's melody

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  1. SATHYA167

    SATHYA167 New Member

    Can anyone please put the chords for the song Inji Iduppazhagi from Thevar Magan?

    I think the song is in F Minor. Though it is Minor scale song, it freely uses G3 in many places in the Charanam.

    So there is a definite variation - Moving to some Major chord not connected with the F Minor family.

    This would be a fantastic number to play both rhythm and melody............... Sathya
  2. vs.suresh

    vs.suresh New Member

    I believe the song is in Am....
  3. Guitarsen

    Guitarsen New Member

    This is from IKF, I never tried.

    inji iduppazhagi manja sevappazhagi kalla chirippazhagi

    Em C Am
    marakka manam koodudhill-aye....

    Am Em
    marakkumaa maaman ennam
    Am Em
    mayakkudhey panja varnamm
    Am Em G D -
    madiyile oonjal poda m-aaanee vaaa


    Eadd11 Asus2 Eadd11 Asus2
    thanan tha-nichirukka thathalichu thaanirukka

    Eadd11 Dm6 Am
    un nenappil naan parichen thaamara-yai

    Eadd11 Asus2 Eadd11 Asus2
    punnava-nathiley peda kuyil koovayile

    Eadd11 Dm6 Am
    unnudaya vedhanaya naan arin-jen

    un kazhuthil maalayida onnirendu thozha thoda

    E Esus4
    enna thavam senje-no en maamaaa

    vanna kili kayya thoda chinna chinna kolamida

    E Esus4
    ullam mattum onva-zhiye naaane

    Am D
    ullam mattum onvazhiye naaane
  4. SATHYA167

    SATHYA167 New Member

    Looks too tough. Thanks. Can't this be simplified near approximate one? Sathya
  5. Guitarsen

    Guitarsen New Member

    Eadd11 - 002100
    Asus2 - x02200
    Dm6 - xx0201
  6. pearlmaharajan

    pearlmaharajan New Member

    Sen... that came out good. thanks...
  7. SATHYA167

    SATHYA167 New Member

    I will try these chords in this weekend. Not so straight forward as I originally thought. A nice song with 'pathos' tune - the song almost uses all the notes in an octave - May be a ragamalika type.

    Not yet tried the tabs. I will share once the same is ready...........

    This is one of the song that makes you hummmmmmmmm & all the credit goes to IR, Kamal and the lyrics writer whose efforts had put the song in the 'hit list'............. Sathya
  8. Guitarsen

    Guitarsen New Member

    Per Balumahendra, IR suppose to get the National award for Devar Magan. When IR and ARR (Roja) ends up in tie, BM voted voted against IR to encourage the new talent. I believe he must have done it to favor KB and MR.
  9. vs.suresh

    vs.suresh New Member

    Yes its true Senthil....
  10. pearlmaharajan

    pearlmaharajan New Member

    is that the reason IR has some vengence on KB, ARR & MR?
  11. Guitarsen

    Guitarsen New Member

    It's the other way around. IR says he never cares about NA, he missed it for 6 more instances on a close call i.e., Kadhal Oviyam, Nayagan, Heyram, Kalapaani, Devar Magan and one more.

    Groupism was started in 1986 headed by Vairamuthu, Barathiraja and surprisingly SPB, all others joined later. It was a huge war against IR's supremacy until they find ARR in 1992. Deva was the one who enjoyed the maximum benefit from 1995 to 2001.
  12. pearlmaharajan

    pearlmaharajan New Member

    yes. Deva did some business... rather calling it a music.. little SA.R too gave please feel in music... but at time monotonous
  13. SATHYA167

    SATHYA167 New Member

    Let us get into the song............ Presenting the tabs for this fantastic hit song.....

    Pick, Play & Enjoy.......... and do post your views / comments............... Sathya

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  14. Ramsk0408

    Ramsk0408 New Member

    Tabs for Inji iduppazhagi

    Hi Sathya,

    Are you done with the tabs for Inji idupalzhagi song? If so can you please share it here... Thanks.


  15. SATHYA167

    SATHYA167 New Member

    I am sorry, I was under the impression that the tabs had been posted. Please ignore the above tabs - wrongly uploaded here.

    I will upload the correct tabs soon - The song starts on E key - like EE EA AE F E....

    The song is withing A to A - uses all the notes - mostly the songs of Kamal are like that..using all the keys............Sathya
  16. Guitarsen

    Guitarsen New Member

    Sathya, why ur postings slowed down?
  17. SATHYA167

    SATHYA167 New Member

    Nice observation. Moved up in career - More responsibilities - Lesser free time. Whatever little time I get, I spend for my rhythm guitar practice. Hope I will rearrange my schedules in the near future and come back with more postings..... Sathya
  18. Guitarsen

    Guitarsen New Member

    Moral is, if u spend more time on Guitar, u will get career uplift. Good for u Sathya.
  19. SATHYA167

    SATHYA167 New Member

    Thanks Senthil....

    Here we go with the tabs for this song.....

    Some places you need to stretch or bend - particularly where Kamal drags the lyrics.

    Otherwise, the tabs flow smoothly into melody........... Fantastic song.............. Sathya

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  20. Ramsk0408

    Ramsk0408 New Member

    Thanks Sathya... :)

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