chords and lyrics for songs from the movie WOH LAMHE

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  1. jayho

    jayho New Member

    anyone with chords and lyrics for songs from the movie woh lamhe... ?

    especially -

    *bin tere

    *kya mujhe pyar hai

    i tried searchin for them here.. but couldnt find.

    if anyone knows, then just post the link.. tht wil be fine too. :)
  2. asmi18

    asmi18 New Member



    wo lamhey, Wo ratein koi na Jane
    thi kaisey batein woOoOo bersatein
    wo bhegie bhegie yadein
    wo bhegie bhegie yadein

    Na mein Janu, Na tu Jane
    kaisa hai yea alum, koi na jane
    phir kyon hai yea tanhaeee
    kaisi hai yea ruSwaieee
    ghum ho gaye kyonnn
    kho gey hummmm
    woh lamhey

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