CHORDS:Aasmaan Ke By K.K.

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    ACCURATE CHORDS:Aasmaan Ke By K.K.

    Hey guyz here are the chords for the song Aasmaan ke from K.K's album Humsafar......seem correct to me!! easy chords to play!!plzz tell me if thr are any corrections!!

    SONG: Aasamaan Ke
    ALBUM: Humsafar
    ARTIST: K.K.
    SCALE: Gm

    Asmaan ke hain sare taare
    Hai Mera chaand kahan
    Ankhein hai num, Dil mein hai gum
    Ho kuch to rehem khuda
    OuouOO Oo
    Mere Pyaar se Mila
    OuouOO Oo
    Sun Le meri dua
    Hai char din zindagi
    Gum hai Bepanaah
    Yeh dil mera kho gaya
    Berang hai Mera jahan
    Kismat meri Saza zara

    Chahat ki rasmon ko
    Hum nibahye Jaate hain
    Isqh ke dard ko sehte hain
    Aahon mein Ashko Mein
    Raatein Guzre Sanam
    Imtehaan Sab De Chuke
    Abb to Dede Sila

    OuouOO Oo
    Mere Pyaar se Mila
    OuouOO Oo
    Sun Le meri dua
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    no replies yet???? are d chords correct??? plzz let me noe.....
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    hey pal,
    these chords are perfect! well done!
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    good work mate
  5. ron_rockz

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    thnx ppl!!!!!!
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    thank u jesica
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    thanks buddy

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