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    I have a basic query, i have started to strum the below mentioned chords in | D- | -D | DUDU | patterns but when i started to sing along, i goofed every thing.

    When i am suppose to start plaing the C chord? Is it after i say "Ho" or do i need to strum for entire "Tum Ho Toh"?? Please help

    Tum Ho (C)Toh… Gaata Hai (C)Dil,
    Tum Na(Dm)hi… Toh Geet Ka(G)ha…
    Tum Ho (C)Toh… Hai Sab Haa(C)sil,
    Tum Na(Dm)hi… Toh Kya Hai Ya(G)ha…
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    It is complicated initially to strum and sing along. It takes time to get used of doing both the things at the same time. I suggest that initially you just play simple down stroke and sing along. That will give you the idea of beat and where u need to change the chord. Later on keep adding strokes.
    for example, in this song, there is no strumming in Tum ho. you need to hit C at the same time when you start singing toh.. two more beats with no voice.. one more beat on gata hai and then next bar start.. listen to the song and tap your feet.. i am sure you will be able to catch it yourself.. once you are comfortable doing this, start adding up stroke where ever you want to add..
  3. abhijeetraje

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    Thanks a lot for the tip. This really make sense, will try and let you know :)

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