[CHORD] Roobaroo - Rang De Basanti

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    Song: Roobaroo
    Album: Rang De Basanti (OST)
    Music: A.R. Rahman
    Tabbed by: Nishant Saran

    Thanks: [SNIP] for the lyrics of the song.

    This is a very simple song...and just prooves that there is nothing more powerful and melodious and racy than a well tuned and well strummed guitar.

    Thanks Rahman...for giving us a break from the Techno bilge that we lovers of music have to contend with now a days.


    A: 0-0-2-2-2-0 (on 6-5-4-3-2-1 strings)
    D: x-x-4/0-2-3-2 (on 6-5-4-3-2-1 strings)


    A D A

    How to strumm???


    ^ = Downward Stroke
    v = Upward Stroke

    Stanza 1:

    (The strumming is a little tricky play along wid the song to get the hang of it..chords are simple though A and D

    [A] aye saala [A][D]
    [A]abhi abhi [A][D]
    [A]huaa yaqeen [D]
    Ki [A]aag hai [D]
    mujh [A]mein kahi [D]

    hui [A]subaah main chal [D]gaya
    suraj ko [A]main nigal [D] gaya


    ruu-ba-[E]ruu rosh[D]ni
    ruu-ba-[E]ruu rosh[D]ni [A]heyy

    Stanza 2:

    jo [D]gumshuda-sa khwaab [A]tha
    voh mil [D]gaya voh khil [A]gaya
    Wo Loha [D]thaa thaa pighal [A]gaya
    kichhaa ki[D]chhaa machal [A]gaya
    sitaar [D]mein badal [A] gaya


    ruu-ba-[E]ruu rosh[D]ni
    ruu-ba-[E]ruu rosh[D]ni [A]heyy


    [A]dhuaan chhataa khula gagan mera
    [E]nayi dagar naya safar mera
    [A]jo ban sake tu hamsafar mera
    [E] nazar mila zara[A]

    Stanza 3:

    [A]aandhiyon se ja[D]ghad rahi hai [A]lau meri
    [A]ab mashaalon si [D]bhad rahi hai [A]lau meri

    (Following is same as stanza 2)

    naamo nishaan rahe na rahe
    ye kaaravaan rahe na rahe
    ujaale mein pee gaya
    roshan huaa jee gaya

    [A]kyon sehte rahe


    ruu-ba-[E]ruu rosh[D]ni
    ruu-ba-[E]ruu rosh[D]ni [A]heyy

    [A] aye saala [A][D]
    [A]abhi abhi [A][D]
    [A]huaa yaqeen [D]
    Ki [A]aag hai [D]
    mujh [A]mein kahi [D]
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    Thanks !!!

    Thank you very much for your efforts. I dont have my guitar with me right now so have'nt tried your chords but I when I was playing along with the song, I knew that Dmaj was definitely there as I mentioned here
  3. iprakash

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    Thanks Nishant for the Chords as well as strumming pattern.
  4. smack

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    thankz dude for the chords......
    gud work!!
  5. auxigen

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    Have got addicted 2 this song !!! Thnx 2 nishantsaran !!!
  6. auxigen

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  7. mathai

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    Nishant Good work,keep it up..
    There are 2 places where i see a change

    Rooobarooo Roshniii


    kyon sehte rahe

    F#m* = 244200
  8. akkyy21

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    Awesome man,.. u gettin reps from me!
  9. nishantsaran

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    thanks a lot all of you guys.....


    Thanks Mathai...for the change... tabbed it in the middle of the night...might have made a couple of errors :)
  10. electronic

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    awesome song awesome chords!!!!
    well I can play the strum well , But combining ity with the song is being difficult. well I am still practicing.
    good job!!!
  11. vini

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    nice chords!

    even i think in the rubaroooo part starting from A would sound better :)
  12. Hardik

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    ^^yes...i used the same in my recording...
    @nishantsaran...i forgot to say thanks to you....real nice chords man...keep it up!!
    Reps earned!!:):)
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    Hey all...been a long time since i last checked the site....
    @nishant....dude awesome stuff....great goin....thanx a lot....especially mentioning the strumming...Keep it up
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  15. Priyank_Jal_fan

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    aey saala!!!!!
    abhi abhi...
    hua yakee...

    nice song isnt it,,,
    keep up the good work!!
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    fallen in love wid this song>>

    Good wurk!
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    hi ....

    i m new to posting messages here ... this thread has got my attention.... this song rocks... and the movie too .. i m in luv with this song.... keep playin this song everytime i pick up my guitar ... happy playing roobarooo

    this is my fav part of the song

    aye saala....hmmmmmm abhi abhi ... hua yakeen
    ki aag hai mujhme kahin ... hui subah main jal gaya...
    suraj ko main nigal gaya ..........

    roshniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ...... hai

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    I had missed this .. KEEP IT UP.. great work .. Reps
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    nice chords
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    perfect chords djcrunk

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