Chord exercise: 12 bar blues

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    A basic excercise goes a long way. One of my favourites is very simple to begin with and is but a building block. I usually divide it into three parts. You can practice each part seperately before combining if you want to.

    These are the first four chords:

    G major (320003)

    E minor (022000)

    G dom7th (320001)

    The progression goes : G Em G7 Em

    What I want you to do is play a 4 beat bar with each chord being one beat. It's not something to rush through. Take your time. Make sure you're making each of the notes sound clearly. Play this thing 4 times.

    The second part is a lot more comfortable and we come down to the good old C major chord.

    The chords are:

    C major (X32010)

    A minor (X02210)

    C dom7th (X32310) You hold this shape like the C major chord and put your pinky on the third fret of the third string.

    The progression goes:

    C Am C7 Am

    Play it the same way you play the first bar. Only this is for 2 bars instead of 4 as was in the first case.

    Now comes the REALLY tough part. I'm pretty bad with this even now.

    The chords:

    D major (XXX232) I don't usually allow this shape to beginners except for in this excercise since its too tough otherwise.

    B minor (xx4432)

    D dom7th (xxx212)

    The progression is:

    D Bm D7 Bm

    The worst part is that you have to play this ONLY ONCE and then quickly switch back to the C major progression and play that only ONCE and then go back to G major progression and again play it only ONCE and then play a D7 chord four times.

    That's the end of it. This is how you go:

    G Em G7 Em >> x 4 times

    C Am C7 Am >> x 2 times

    G Em G7 Em >> x 2 times

    D Bm D7 Bm >> x 1 time

    C Am C7 Am >> x 1 time

    G Em G7 Em >> x 1 time

    D7 D7 D7 D7 >> x 1 time

    and repeat.

    Like I said. Don't go too fast in the beginning. What you have to ensure is that your beat is even..i.e.- You dont take more time to change from D to B minor than from C to A minor...i.e.-Each chord is played perfectly on time. It's even more important than having the chord sound perfectly correct. You probably will not get the chords to sound perfectly initially but they'll come with time. Just make sure you don't pause too long just to make the chord sound right.

    DISCLAIMER::This exercise is not mine originally and I do not take credit for it.
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    ^^^ to make it truely blues

    make the last D7s

    D7 D7 D7 D7#9 and end with a bang.

    by the way this is exactly what they paly for dimple's birthday bash ina mina dika in DCH
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    awesome BJR...reps for u :rock:
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    fantastic, wanted an in-depth guide to this thingy for a long time. can you also post a recording, that'd be really helpful.

    p.s. - lookin forward to part 2 eagerly :)
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    I just did a makeshift job with my nylon string. Part 2 might get delayed if I cant get my hands on a steel string. Horrible to play the blues it is I suck at the blues :)

    This is what we play...rock'n'roll style I guess.

    orig :

    and this is the exercise

    12-bar :

    Edit: thanks a lot, matey
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    where are the files ?
  8. bjr

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    They get deleted in a week of inactivity I think. If you want them badly enough, I could upload them again.

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