Children with 3 biological parents

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    People run around with extra chromosomes now (trisomy) and suffer few [negative] side effects, but the genetic data is only from 2 parents so the extra chromosome is redundant. adding a third source could negate the learning disabilities of trisomy kids, or could create horrible freaks of nature (we won't know because there won't be any children directly born from this research but there may eventually be if it pans out (the embroys turn out healthy before being terminated)).

    in trisomy (having an extra x or y chromosome) people are taller and arguably healthier than people with only 2 chromosomes sets.

    what happens if the extra data is equally distinct (as peeps with mama and papa) and recessive (potentially bad dna instructions) data vetos expression of dominant (potentially healthy genetic instructions) genes?

    the extra redundancy should mean healthier children, what happens if without screening these prospective parents if two have a specific disease propensity or other such recessive trait would this mean those traits get expressed more than if one good copy (dominant) existed do the two recessives take precedence?

    two is better than one, three is a crowd.

    one person with recessive genes will express them, two people probably will have a recessive and dominant form of a given gene, the dominant one takes precedence keeping the organism healthy and allowing the dominant trait expressed to carry on down the line, it could very well be that the dominant gene takes precedence over two recessives, but pity to the fool with three recessives.

    also could this mean bigamy/polygamy will follow on the heels of gay marriage to being legalized? i mean why have 3 dna sets in a cell? where is that data coming from? (since trisomy isn't the end of it, peeps can have 2 pairs of parents at once, the genes don't split and a child ends up being a perfect clone of its parents dna manifest into one being, which could easily be 2 sets from four parents per cell if the technique is further explored) in such that if a man wants two/three/n wives each can provide genetic information to the child/children should the zygote split of into a multiple birth, while one consents to carrying the child of three/n parents to term (or the extra zygotes are implanted into each available mother)(even that may no longer be necessary though if some scientists have their way).

    one could even take this announcement so far as to as to ask scarry questions like what if the success rate of births yeilding healthy children (moreso than natural births) saying each individual born henceforth have a federal government approved (thus mandatory)(north korea for instance, or some other tyranny or autocracy where the ruler wants his genetics in every child born in his domain) kim/adam/eve sequence which negates common diseases and recessive traits, all individuals would be healthy and the incidence of birth defects reduced drastically.

    like playing bingo with three sheets instead of two, where a bingo is a birth defect or congenital disease, your chances are better of getting more lines down, enough to make a child, but.

    i fully endorse this technique but both wish and worry about a state mandated trisomy. and wish the children could be born and not terminated, its like doing building the atomic bomb and not exploding it then distributing the
    plans over the internet.
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    ppl ... dont read this ...
    it is all crappy BS ...

    damn y are we even concerned ?
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    3 parentz......ok.....1 = male , 2 = female , 3 = chakka!
  4. anshphenomenon

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    what role does a chhaka have... :think:

  5. rocking_devil

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    he/she plays both mom n dads role!
  6. anshphenomenon

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    supervision as well... ;)
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    huh BS ..
    i know its directed towards the recent permission to conrol the genetically transmitted deseases through lab experiments ... a.k.a cloning ... or when they take out the middle thingy from the egg and put it in another egg with healthy surrouindings ... fertilize and grow the poor kid in a test tube .. ..
    dunno why they love to mess with nature ...
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    test tube baby...hmm...wat do u call him in hindi Batli-Putr :p:

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