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    wow..good u din put it on soundclick..i can hear this one...
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    This is plain old-fashioned rock. Whoever is playing this is probably an amateur though so he/she goofs at places.

    Still around but usually disguised. To get a sound like this, you have to check out some really old bands or musicians. Actually there's a whole generation of musicians who've played this.


    Link Wray (credited with popularizing Power Chords...died very recently a week ago)

    The Troggs (yeah, the famous wild thing group)

    Allanah Myles (Recent, slightly different sound but same feel. Female blues singer...awesome. Look further than Black Velvet if you have already heard that song or else make sure you listen to it)

    Joan Jett: You've probably heard some of songs as covers...but check her out too.

    Eric Clapton in his early days. He's had a sad life though....most of his songs are depressing.

    The Eagles: Check out some songs like Life in the Fast Lane, Get over it and some others.

    If you want to play this, look no further than the minor pentatonics. Also add to it a flat fifth note at certain points and mix it with the major scale during the bridge or the chorus for a nice effect. No it's really not that easy.
  4. abhimanjrekar

    abhimanjrekar ----> Zhol-Man<----

    man thts one hell of info...i thought cryptu played tht thing...........
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    hahhaa... :RollLol:

    she said check this out!!
    she did not say check me out... ;)
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    i too thought so...
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    hmm...forgot to see the THIS...
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    thnx! :nw:
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    any1 else???

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