cheap electric guitar but with decent tone and low action

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    I am looking for a cheap electric guitar but with decent tone and low action. No frills like tremelo or 24 frets required, just a nice tone and low action. I am having a tough time carrying my guitar + amp every time to the jam room, so I am thinking of some cheap stuff which I will put it in the jam room for practise and I can use my main guitar as usual. I have already bought another Marshal and put it in my jam room, now I just need to put the guitar.
  2. ill sell my givson gslead-2 to u for 4.5ks.....i got it for 7.5ks...r u in mumbai??
    want to buy an amo so if ur in mumbai come and check it out..and then decide..
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    cheap electric guitars

    I really like the Al-2500's because they are made with a bit better materials than the Al-2000 and I like the look of the single white binding on the headstock over the plain head of the Al-2000. What can I say, I appreciate the little details and there is something to me about the binding on the head that just completes the guitar. These are great cheap electric guitars for sale.

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