Chalte Chalte- Suno Na- Timing

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    REQ: Chalte Chalte- Suno Na- Timing

    Hey its my 1st post here. Newbie!
    Cud anyone please record a clipping of the guitar tabs for SUNO NA from the movie CHALTE CHALTE. I am having a lot of trouble with the timing. I tried listening to the song repeatedly but still had some trouble. Could someone please help.

    The tabs are as :

    E ----5--4--5--9--4 ( 4 times)
    tum nei na jana, ki mei dewana, lekar aya hoon, dilka nazrana,

    E ----5--5--12--10--9--7--5--9--7
    meri dil kei hai jo dastan

    E ----4--5--7--4---------0--7--5---
    B ------------------7--5
    sunona sunona sunlona

    Thanks in advance!

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