Challeya chords from Fitoor by Mohit Chauhan

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  1. Devaroundu

    Devaroundu New Member

    Hey All

    I am a newbie in the world of guitars. Have been trying to work out the song Challeya by Mohit chauhan from his Album Fitoor. I have been able to only find chords partly.
    I will be very grateful if someone here may help me find the chords of the song.

    Youtube link for the song :

    Note : Please add http and www stuffs before youtube in the above link. IndianGuitarTabs doesn't allow me to pose urls :(

    Thank You in Advance.

  2. rajat11

    rajat11 New Member

    includes Gm........Am
    Cm .............
    7th fret......d string 5th fret d string
    7th fret......a string 5th fret a string
  3. hsachdeva

    hsachdeva New Member

    ye kaunsa song hai ... pls send link to original song

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