Chaand Mera Dil Chords

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  1. afg_guitarist

    afg_guitarist New Member

    Not the whole song, but I have figured out the intro of the song. It is a short song so I should be able to knock down the rest some time soon or someone can take it from where I leave off.

    I played along the original song, not the one covered in Main Hoo Na, and it sounded close to me. I will let you all be the judge.

    (Am)Chaand mera (Dm)dil,
    (G)Chaandni ho (C)tum,
    (C)Chaand se hai (F)dour,
    (F)Chaandni (Am)kahaa
  2. chatty_arko

    chatty_arko New Member

    wrong dude

    Am chand mera dil
    G chandni ho C tum
    C chand se ho F door
    F chandini kaha
  3. afg_guitarist

    afg_guitarist New Member

    I do not see any difference between your and my version other than my version being a bit more detailed with more chords incorporated.
    Then again whatever floats your boat.

    I have never taken guitar lessons but there is a rule-of-thumb in most, if not all, songs. The song ends on the note at which it starts; the song starts at Am and it should end there. Do not believe me? Try playing the tabs of the song. If you cannot figure them out, then I will post them here for you.
    Other thing is that there is a loud Dm in that song which shows up later as well which you have left out in your version. That is a matter of personal choice; to play or leave out the Dm. But Am is definitely where the song ends.
  4. sheermelody

    sheermelody Pianist

    Agree with afg_guitarist here. His chords are more exact and correct.

    The Dm is spot-on, and chandni kahaan does end with Am.

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