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    Well, if you use Windows, then there is Disk Cleanup in System Tools which removes temp files, old restore points, empties Recycle Bin and cookies and the garbage thats filled in the PC. But I will definitely try CCleaner.
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    yes ... Disk Cleanup is there...but you can't invoke it everytime you want to clean the computer...this is just one can also ignore cookies which u want on your computer( the igt cookie for instance)
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    @rechts_234: You can invoke disk-cleanup any time! Just rightclick the drive partition and click properties...
    You can see the Disk Cleanup button besides Capacity Graph...
    Check the attached image...

    And for system maintenance, i use: System Mechanic.. :cool:


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    i also use system really rocks.....deletes all the junk and obsolete files, deletes all the duplicates files...and so on.... :rock:
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    you just need to right click on the recycle bin and click on the 'run cleaner' and cleans in the background...that's it ... you needn't open up the disk cleaning utility everytime ...

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    theres another pretty cool s/w called RegCleaner. this scans ur whole registry for dead and invalid entries and hence ur systems perfoemance improves
    check it out
  8. ajax_ds

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    ya used that reg cleaner s/w once.... but sometimes it tends to delete some important enteries... so be careful
    Also another fine way to improve pc's performance is de-frag it after a wihil say 5-6 monyhs... keeps your system in good shape

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