Carlos Guitar for 3500Rs

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by micraft, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. micraft

    micraft New Member

    Guys i just saw a beautiful guitar carlos f-511GRS , in 2 colours blackish red and blackish blue. I'm in dubai, it cost 350Dhs, ie like 3700Rs. The shopkeeper said it is made in spain. My amateuristic guitar instincts told me that the guitar sounded ok.

    I was searching for carlos guitars all around the web, i saw an website which was about carlos pickups, and if i rememeber right it had the same logo which was on the guitar.

    I also saw a black carlos guitar for sale on ebay
    the link is

    it said 150$.

    Guys give me some help, i'm planning on buying it this afternoon.

    Please guys help me out fast, my other options and the yamaha f310, which is kind of really boring and then tansen guitars.
  2. micraft

    micraft New Member

    guys please some replies please, i'm planning on buying that guitar in a couple of hours

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