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  1. akhil_the_one

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    hi,i used to learn guitar,i actually learned it for a month and knows some songs to i am trying to play the songs on chords but i am unable to play any song,can anybody tell me some basic about it,and tell me how to play john denver leaving on a jet plane..
  2. mayyank

    mayyank New Member

    hi buddy,,
    th only thing which i can advice u to do is PRACTICE .........
    u can get th chords frm igt
  3. akhil_the_one

    akhil_the_one New Member

    well i can switch chords but the problem is strumming,so can u tell me how to overcome it..
  4. nazr

    nazr angel is my genital..

    That you will have to figure out yourself by listening to the song again and again till you grasp hold of the pattern.There are some tutorials posted in the beginner section which could prove helpful.
    btw i too went through and to some extent am still going through the same problem.cheers
  5. sanju_strings

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    listen to d song u wanna play over n over eventually u will get through it !

    trust me dun b lazy it wrks

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